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ohholymoley Posts: 2150
Hi girls We are meeting our priest tomorrow, just wondering what questions we need to ask him?Obviously, he will go through all the necessary paperwork we will need but in relation to our mass booklets,do I need to ask him about readings,layout, hymns etc. What are the unobvious questions I need to ask...gettin a little nervous!!
Maxjan08 Posts: 279
are there any restrictions on where your photographer can go ( some don't like them on or near the alter ) Is the music just religious or can other types be played/sang Can ( if you want) lay a red carpet.....some priests don't like it. Will he be the priest on the day or is he just the preist dealing with the meeting. Can confetti be used or is it banned like mose places. Will he join you later for the meal. Hope this is of some help. Max