What else do I have left to do??

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Ladybirds Posts: 445
Ladies, I'm trying to make a list of what else I have left to do, in terms of planning my wedding in June, 2009. I know I've got ages away, but I tend to get pretty stressed and I want to get organised early! So far, I've got my church and venue booked, my band, my photographer, florist, my dress (I think) and thats it. I'm trying to remeber everything!! Is there a list somewhere out there of things I need to get done? Can ye suggest what I should be doing next?? Thanks girlies :D
chaos Posts: 1904
Emilyj, I am June 09 aswell! So far I have the following done. Hotel, church, priest, notified the state of intention to marry, bands, flowers, cake, photographer, video, car, makeup. They are all booked and deposits paid. I am an organised person so wanted a stress free year! Only thing i have to do is the small things like book hair, which they wont take appt for yet, too early, start looking for dress, candles, rings. etc. going to look at wed rings after holidays in june so we can pay them off gradually. hope this helps! :thnk
Ladybirds Posts: 445
So, I need to get cracking on video and church music. What do I need to do to notify the state? Crikey!!!
Finished here Posts: 2860
Emilyj i posted on this last week and there were some excellent lists posted - from cradle to grave of wedding planning I posted under - Have i forgotten something !