What is a tens machine?

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happyout Posts: 204
Hi Girls Does anyone know what this is?
Elliecat Posts: 2725
Hey Happyout, a TENS machine is made up of pads that you put on your back and it sends pulses through your muscles to ease the pain of contractions - it can also be used for back pain outside of pregnancy. A lot of people find it really useful in early labour, I think you can rent them from the hospitals and possibly boots as well.
happyout Posts: 204
Thanks Elliecat
fire fly Posts: 1241
Your public health nurse may also have one. Thats where I got mine. They are absolutely fantastic.
Tedsters Posts: 1688
I used a TENS and it got me through the first two days of labour!! There are four pads which you stick to your back which are connected to a unit. It's a bit like slendertone. It works by sending electrical pulses through your body which then create natural pain relief. I would never have managed without it. I had backache labour as it turned out so the TENS really helped me alot. I have seen them for rent from Boots, Medicare, McCabes etc. There is a special one for labour so be sure you get the right one as there are different ones for sports injuries etc. Best of luck.
Miss X Posts: 1415
Mine got me through the first 12hrs, by which stage I was 3cm and baby was out less than 2hrs later. I bought mine from www.tens.co.uk was glad I did as I went into labour 4 weeks early and if you rent you only get it 2 or 3 weeks before! I got the mama tens, but they have a good few for hire or purchase.