what is the story with male suit hire?

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maria1 Posts: 15
Just wondering about suit hire for the men. im getting married in five months. how soon before the wedding should you order them? im also wondering about colours. do you match the colour to your bridesmaids if you can? Or do people just go for any colour. Thanks
MTMR Posts: 788
Where are you based? I've said alot of bad tings about black tie, but i kow that loads of peple have no problems with them, they have a good selection. you should just ring around a few places and et an idea of what's available.
mumof2 Posts: 3864
Depends on where you are living but Debehams are meant to be very good and you can hire for the whole week, new shirts etc., included to keep. Youngs in Cork are exellend and will match up with your colours or Tom Murphy Mens Hire. Can't really help you outside of the Cork area though
rio Posts: 995
i was at a local wedding fair the other day and was talking to McKenna Man (shop in dundalk) and they said come in 6 months before the wedding and decide on the type of suit and colour and then get all the men in to try on and get fitted for them.then the week before the wedding come in again to get fitted again and then collect 3/4 days before the wedding. they cost €100 per suit but you have to buy your own shirt which is good, cause shirts get so grummie from other men wearing them. also the more suits you hire they will give a discount of a suit free. hope this was some help :P