What is/was your wedding menu?

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disorganisedbynature Posts: 78
Hi all, I am struggling with choosing what to eat at the wedding dinner, whether to stay traditional or do something a little different, i have to say all of the weddings Ive been at have had lovely food. What is your menu and how did you choose?
HippyChic Posts: 1812
Ours was a full menu as we had our meal in a restaurant so we didn't have to choose! However we did look at hotel venues at the beginning and narrowed down menus etc so my recommendations would be these: Think seasonal. No one wants a big roast dinner on a hot summers day, or a salad in the middle of winter! Some foods are associated with certain times of year (pork & autumn, lamb & spring, turkey & Christmas) It's traditional because it works, not because it's exciting. Which matters more to you? Allow for choices and common food dislikes. Most hotels will do a hidden vegetarian option for you but if your budget will allow it I'd have a choice of two mains at least i.e. some sort of meat and a fish dish. Certain foods are a love or hate thing - mushrooms for example. If I was at a wedding that had mushrooms in each dish I can tell you that I'd be heading down to the local chippy, I can't even pick them out and eat, knowing that they've touched my plate. :hic Hope that helps you come to a decision :)
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
We went for a fairly traditional menu, with a few tweaks. Had a choice of pate or cheese tarlet, pea soup, beef (medium rare) or hake, and apple crumble. If it was totally up to us we'd have been a lot more adventurous but as the catering manager said, no point paying for food that'll end up in the bin. I've been to summer weddings with turkey and ham, and it just seems an odd choice, or winter weddings with a cold trio of deserts, so think about things like that. It's not the most exciting meal you'll ever plan, but there's a reason so many weddings have similar menus.
puddin2 Posts: 1093
We had: Starter - Caeser salad or vol au vont Potato and Leek soup Main - Beef or Turkey and Ham Trio of desserts
disorganisedbynature Posts: 78
Hey, thanks for the replies, it all sounds great (I love hearing about food I am a glutton and didnt eat a big enough lunch!) some good advice too. I am not planning to be too out there, and will definitely be offering meat and fish choice. We have to pay extra for the soup course, my wedding is a Summer wedding but I know alot of people love their soup so I am unsure what to do there. My self and him self love ice cream, I would love that to be the main ingredient in our dessert what would people think of something like a "Knicker bocker glory", im aware its not the most formal of desserts....!
highbeam Posts: 2578
We had chicken & mushroom vol au vant done in filo pastry. Veg soup. Beef or Seabass, trio of dessert - raspberry mousse, choc brownie & pavlova. Not the most original menu but it was lovely all the same. Knicker bocker Glory would go down a storm with my family! It's those nice little twists that people like and make it more personal to the couple.
HippyChic Posts: 1812
As you're having a summer wedding and soup would be quite heavy would you consider having a sorbet instead? It's a great palette cleanser and would be lovely and refreshing. We were at a Sept wedding that did that instead of soup and everyone loved it. Either that or go for a really, really light soup (like a tomato consumé) or even a cold soup! The knicker bocker glory actually sounds fab!
fixibelle Posts: 201
We had lovely choices - five options each, for each of three courses. We had a small wedding so we circulated the menu to everyone in advance, which made things really easy on the day. Is that an option for you, do you think? (asking people what they'd like in advance). I've had wedding invitations that have included a menu card with the RSVP and thought it was a brilliant idea. Just to give you some idea of what we had: First Course: choice of soup, smoked salmon terrine, pork rilette, smoked chicken salad, or chargrilled artichokes. Main Course: Sirloin of beef, fillet of plaice, fillet of salmon, breast of duck, or shallot tarte tatin. Dessert: Chocolate marquise, vanilla panna cotta, lemon tart, pear and almond tart, selection of cheeses. There was a separate kids' menu, but the hotel offered to do kiddie portions of any of the above too, which was great. Everybody loved the food, and the most popular choices were the terrine, chicken salad, salmon, beef, the chocolate marquise and the cheese. So the meat or fish option is probably a good way to go!
disorganisedbynature Posts: 78
Wow fixibelle that is yum! your guests were truly lucky! unfortunately we couldn't afford to do something like that, our package is fairly simple , a starter, choice of mains, dessert, tea coffee. The good thing is there will be some finger food provided on arrival however I am still debating around an extra course ie soup, the sorbet suggestion is very good and a good alternative but they are asking an arm and a leg for an extra course unfortunately. I love reading peoples menus, they all sound very well thought out and everyone seems to have a good reason for what they decided on either way.
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
I wouldn't bother with an extra course. With food on arrival, three courses, and evening food, everyone will be fed. We had four courses because it was standard at our venue, there was no reduction for not having a soup option. I wouldn't have paid for it though! I'd put on a fairly good spread of food on arrival, especially if there's any length of drive between ceremony and reception, I hate skimpy finger food you have to chase after to get some! I'd love a knickerbockerglory, its a welcome change from the trio of deserts that features at so many weddings.