What present to get my dad

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tworascals Posts: 84
This is for Christmas but i want to be somewhat organised. My dad really helped me out with alot of stuff this year and i want to get him something good and special for christmas to thank him. But WHAT?? Hes into golf but i've bought him lots of golf gadgets over the years and all of them have ended up in the attic. Hes also into computers and gadets and loves his iphone. He likes to go for a pint but wouldnt be into meals out or my mother wouldnt be into going away for the weekend so that wouldnt be any good. Money is a bit tight so trying to keep it within €50-100. Any suggestions. Oh no clothes, he has a wardrobe bursting with them and wears the same thing all the time!
GucciEnvyOctober Posts: 382
What about a round of gold somewhere nice, although is some of the very nice golf clubs the round of golf on its own would be €100 or more.... Dad's are so hard to buy for...
SookieStackhouse Posts: 3135
What about one of those home brew make your own beer kits. Think they're in that price range, I know my dad would get a great kick out of one.
tworascals Posts: 84
Two very good ideas girls. I might get the home brew for myself too!! Thanks!