what price are your invites

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cuddlesxxx Posts: 260
i'm getting some mad prices :roll: for something that people will just throw in the bin what about ye???
Frankie Posts: 1571
We're making them ourselves so for 150 invites, it's working out at €100 excluding postage.
pluppy Posts: 3519
bought them in M&S and just have to type them up myself came to about €40 for 40
southdub Posts: 91
Got mine from the states really good value for 275 invites, reply cards, printed return envelopes and thank you cards came to $410 which worked out at roughly £240 sterling. Only thing is the company doesn't post outside America
b2b_Aug06 Posts: 68
I'd suggest a better question would be price per invite. Ours were about €4 each. I looked into making them, but I work pretty long hours and just wouldn't have had the time or patience with the time I did have to do them. We've gotten loads of compliments though, and it was worth it for the lack of hassle involved.
cuddlesxxx Posts: 260
was thinking of making them myself aswell but can't seem to find the paer i want it is a dark purple on the outside and silver on the inside any ideas By the way cograts frankie on your 2000 post well done
corkcuu Posts: 606
Cuddles - try Daintree in Dublin, havent been there but heard they have everything you could possibly want. We bought ours on www.diywedding.ie & they are fab - writting them at the mo, so exciting. They are definetly time consuming but working out 130 for 80 day, 40 evening & paper and covers for 100 booklets. Its definetly a great saving and i am feeling very proud of them!
Frankie Posts: 1571
Thanks Cuddles! I second daintree and www.gettingmarried.ie they were both great help when we were designing the invites.
MrsMe Posts: 138
Our cost almost €700 :cry: but to be honest, I have seen so many poor home made efforts I didn't feel like making them myself. That said, I'm sure loads are great but I've gotten three this year and they are so obviously homemade and not in a good way. Glue not sticking the papers together, incorrect spelling(!) and smudged ink. The invites set the tone of a wedding I think. But I know that lots of people don't consider them important, it all comes down to what you are willing to spend your hard earned cash on.
rock-n-roll-wife Posts: 6579
my mammy has made mine for us.. they are stunningly beautiful and better than a lot of proffessional 'handmade' look invites that i've seen in the shops.. xxx kim xxx