what's implantation bleeding like?

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Commet Posts: 147
hi girls what is implantation bleeding like and how long should it last for? was really feelin like i was going to get a bfp this month. bigger boobs for the last 2 weeks, felt naucious, sore nipples, tired, feel like sense of smell is strong etc. im on cd 34 today and i've had some blood when i wipe after going to the toilet. its not heavy at all more like discoloured pee (tmi sorry :-8 ) does this sound like a period and the symptoms are all in my head or is there a chance it could be implatation bleeding?
LMR Posts: 1925
I imagine its one of those things thats slightly different for everyone who experience it (like pretty much everything else pregnancy related!) My experience of was pretty much as you describe. I had a very small amount of bloody when I wiped. For me I had two seperate bouts of it a couple of days apart (which I thought was my period playing silly buggers). Really though, all you can do is hold tough until your period is late and you can test. Good luck.
Commet Posts: 147
thanks littlemissrachy god i really hope it is implantation bleeding the only problem is i only have 3 cycles to go by since coming off the pill - they've been 29, 36 & 27 days so i dont know when i'll be late. i think i ovulated on cd 22 so day 36 is would be 14 days after which is sat so i guess ill test sat. oh fingers crossed
Commet Posts: 147
it's gotten heavier so i guess it af really dissapointed i really thought i had loads of signs - just shows how powerful (and mean) the mind can be :o(