What should I expect @ first domino app??

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capricorn04 Posts: 527
Hey all ..... So delighted to have got this far, and I have my first appointment with clinic this week... I know they don't do a scan - but what should i expect at this first appointment?? Should I bring a urine sample?? And did you bring your OH?? tks - capri
medea49 Posts: 324
Congrats! The Domino scheme is great, used it for my first and now I'm going again (due in 4 weeks!) I love the midwives, they are fantastic. You'll mostly fill out forms, have BP and urine checked, and talk about medical history etc. and what to expect over the coming appointments. They may palpate you (feel your tummy externally) depending on how far along you are. It won't take very long... good to bring OH along to meet them and because he may have questions as well, although he will probably be asked to step outside at some stage (standard procedure I think, they ask you a few questions to make sure you're not in an abusive relationship etc!) Do bring a list of any questions you have, they're very helpful. Good luck! :)
capricorn04 Posts: 527
Hey Medea, Thanks for that :) not long for you so :)) I just want to get to 16 weeks, so tomorrows appointment is just another step closer :) My OH will be delighted to be there - he's been broody since I met him 9 years ago lol!!! Best of luck :)
jdurso Posts: 351
Hi Capricorn, same as Medea really, most of it is going through the form which you already filled out. They will also take bloods - just note that if you don't hear anything from the bloods it's because they are all normal - they only call if there's a problem. They will also listen to baby's heartbeat on a doppler - took the Midwofe about 20 mins to find on my first app., so don't be nervous - it's harder to find at the strat as they move around so much and might be a bit far back (they find it in a second now)! They do also check your tummy just to see if the uterus is where it should be for the stage of pregnancy. My OH came too - it's good for them to get a first taste of it all - I was never asked any q's about abusive relationships but have heard thats fairly standard. The rest of the appointments are pretty much the same thing - BP, urine, listen to hearttbeat. Good luck and the time will fly in - going to my booking app. seems like it was only a month ago *)
popple Posts: 1368
Same as what the other ladies said. But on my first appointment they tried to listen to the heartbeat, think I was 13weeks and they couldn't find it so really don't worry if they can't find it. Also my DH didnt go to any appointments. THe domino midwives are just lovely, you will be in safe hands.
capricorn04 Posts: 527
Thanks for the replies ladies Pretty much as you said - midwife was very very nice - she's based inthe role just for 6 months and may then go back to NMH; if i was anyway lucky I'd have her to deliver my baby :)) I'm 12 weeks +5, so she didn't use the doppler - we have a scan to confirm dates today so I wasn't too bothered, feel very relaxed with the set-up now.... Now if my MS would go I'd be DELIGHTED!!!!