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annhan Posts: 214
On reading back this sounds strange, hope it makes sense I dont sound like a cow!!! I have always had a good realationship with mil, and she has always been very nice especially, they were very generous fr our weding and I too have always gotten on well and be thoughtful to her and him. Anyway usually MIL would have offered me REALLY nice b-day presents examples: CHANEL perfume Designer wallet Designer bag etc etc without sounded horrible these pesents would have always been between the 60-100 euro bracket this year as it is the first offical daughter in law birthday I was offered......... A body cream, shower gel and body spray in a basket Now girls dont think im horrible I priced it as I was a little surprised and they were each in the region of 10euro so it was 35euro! Am I being horrible or does this seem to you a little strange after the other gifts? My hubbie even commented and said thats not a daughter in law present! I hope I dont sound horrible, I would ave never thought anyting if the presents had always been like that but now I feel its a secret message? what do you think... Ps: its not the recession she is very comfortable oh also I think she felt bad as the same day she gave me my pressis I gave her hers a few eeks late as we dont live near and I really bought her lovely things, the next day we were in a department store and walking by Chanel counter she said would you like a bottle of perfume and replied oh no thank you I have enough.
annhan Posts: 214
gerbil Posts: 3528
ok sorry about this but it does sound as if you're being a bit ott about it. Firstly it's nice she gave you nice gifts previously but maybe she's economizing at the moment, she is hardly the only one! also, you're family. Surely she doesn't have to stand on ceremony with you! Surely how she treats you day to day, is more important than a present? I have to say I have no idea what a "daughter in law" present is supposed to be??? why should it have to cost a certain amount? Seriously, it'd be a pity to ruin a good relationship with your inlaws by getting hung up on silly things.
whitedaisy Posts: 761
I dont really see this as a big deal, your really lucky to have a MIL that you get along with I know a lot of people that dont!! it maybe that as her DIL she dosnt feel she has to 'impress you anymore' with expenxive gifts!! its the thought that counts!!
tilsun Posts: 4506
I would not give this another thought. I would only take it as a sign of something if it was the last in a long list of things. On it's own, a 'less than normal' present is not anything to worry about.
BusyDee Posts: 8527
[quote="annhan":34492cux] Am I being horrible or does this seem to you a little strange after the other gifts? [b:34492cux]Sounds like you were spoilt with the "designer" pressies and now the "dreadfull body lotion" pressies arent good enough. Even as you say she's not affected by the recession (must be the only one) maybe she feels that by giving you an expensive press you will feel the need to give her an expensive one back?? [/b:34492cux] My hubbie even commented and said thats not a daughter in law present! [b:34492cux]What is "a daughter-in-law" present?[/b:34492cux] [/quote:34492cux]
annhan Posts: 214
Hi girls thanks a mill for answering! Im sorry it has come across like that. I absolutely know its the thought that counts and I am not going to ruin our relationship over this and especially for my husbands sake. I also believe life is too short however it was annoying me and wanted to know if I was being paranoid. But without taking price into it, before she would always buy me something she knew I would like this time it was a little like well if you dont likethe body spray you can spray it on your sheets, thats what she said. Im sorry to sound ungrateful but I kow her andhow she operates. I am not really into lavish things but she is thats why I take it bad. And she is defintely not watching her pennies, I think she was annoyed we didt come to celebrate her birthday (b-days are VERY importannt to her)in dec but there was a family death and we didnt think it was the right time two days after funeral, and I think this was her way of saying well if birthdays arent important to you, there you go! Probably its hard for other people to understand, but dont get me wrong I will never tell her how I felt as lifes too short but just put it out there to see what others would think. I supose its hard to judge when you dont know the people and none ofus are perfect, i prob wreck her head! Thanks anyway girls apologies for sounding bad!
annhan Posts: 214
re: daughter in law present I think when your in thefamily your considered lie a sibling or family member so treated the same and that wasnt the case here if I was to explain about the other festivities. Prob that idea sounded wierd just what I meant was she seriously down graded my present and this is the first yr of marriage. It is not that its importnat I know but she really makes birthdays and presents important so that is what I meant.
annhan Posts: 214
Hi DC Ye your right I have been spoilt with the presents exactly, i remeber tellin my mam before "god she is so nice etc she doesnt have to do that" so ye it was that a bit of a come down with the other but maybe your right she doesnt want me to feel I have to compete but I dont think so. thanx anyway!
annhan Posts: 214
ps: The reason really here is just so you understand me sounding a little spoilt is that she is very materialistic so from her this is a sign. But maybe she thinks im not and feels i dont appreciate the other gifts so thats why anyway its not very important just wanted to hear your thoughts. Ive realised weddings onlin is good therapy! ha ha ha