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Wild Child Posts: 1694
Hi Girls I'm being made redundant but I'm starting a New job on Monday I will be nearly 11 weeks then and I'm just wondering when I legally have to tell them that I'm pregnant? I have looked it up but cant find much info only when you have to tell them about maternity leave.......I was hoping I would be able to do my 3 month review before telling them....I just dont want to risk losing the job as it has taken me 8 weeks to find any sort of job! I know they cant fire you because your pregnant but if your only just in the job I'm sure they could make up another excuse if they didnt want the hassle of it........maybe I'm over-reacting but I'm just nervous about it..... I would love to hear what your opinions are on this and what you would do if you were in my shoes???
wifetobe Posts: 1438
Hey hun-you don't hvae to tell them until 4 weeks before you intend to take ML as far as I know....sit tight, your dead right. bump won't even be that noticeable tol 20 odd weeks, more.
redwifey Posts: 2932
To be honest I don't know if you would be able to keep it from them for another 3 months from a bump point of view. I don't know when I would tell them to be honest. Do you have a probation period, the only risk is that at the end of the probation period they might tell you that it isn't working out and there isn't really a whole lot you could do about it? Best of luck
Wild Child Posts: 1694
:thnk :thnk :thnk Thanks girls.....my probation period is 3 months...maybe I should just wait for a few weeks into the job and see what they are like and then decide
redwifey Posts: 2932
Yeah that's probably the best thing Wild Child, no point worrying about it because it's done now and you will have to tell them anyway at some stage.
BikerBride Posts: 208
I would try and hold out as long as possible before your probabtion period is over. If you tell them before your review and they let you go - you'll drive yourself potty trying to figure out did they do it just because you told them you are pregnant. Why don't you tell them at the review - when they tell you what a fab job you're doing and they would like to keep you on. Everything will be fine - try not to get too stressed :wv
smurf77 Posts: 2216
I would hold out too and not tell them yet Can you start wearing clothes that are figure hiding so then if you start wearing baggier clothes in a few weeks it wont be as noticable IYKWIM ? Best of luck in the new job!
Wild Child Posts: 1694
:thnk Thanks a mil girls really appreciate it! :lvs
candyfloss Posts: 704
To be honest it would be very difficult for them to let you go if you've told them you're pregnant even if they give a different excuse. Once they know that they surely wouldnt risk a case brought against them. However you may not get any maternity pay from them if you've not worked there for long enough, but you'd still get statutory pay. Id say see how the bump is going and then decide. Good luck, Candyfloss