Where are you going on holidays this year?

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reine Posts: 1771
Am trying to book a holiday for myself and my dh. We're on a tight budget so it can't be anything too expensive - either a nice holiday home here in Ireland somewhere or a week away. Have been looking online, but still haven't seen where I'd like to go. Where are you off to this year? We haven't had a holiday in a couple of years and are in desperate need of a break! Thanks :thnk
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
We're going to Canada! Can't wait! My best friend is Canadian and getting married so we're off to her wedding. Only five days because the budget won't stretch to much more but am SO excited. Can't wait! We went to Prague for our honeymoon and flights were €300 in total. It's a lovely city, loads to do and you'd deffo find a hotel to suit your budget.
lux Posts: 6270
We got engaged in Sorrento and I loved it! We got quite cheap flights and booked an apartment for a week which I think cost about €350, it wasn't too expensive anyway and it was right beside the main square. Eating out etc is as expensive or cheap as you want and the weather was fab, plus you can get the train to Pompeii etc. It was a great holiday.
dymo2 Posts: 787
Just after booking aruba for 10 nights had tocancle states so just got insurance money back so rebooked there as it is low season so not quite as expensive as the rest of the year cant wait
reine Posts: 1771
Girls, all those holidays sound fab!! I would love Aruba... Do you mind me asking how much it's costing you? We've already been to Prague, but I'd love to go back. Was looking at flights to there earlier actually. It's a definite possibility, but I think we'd be going in August and it might be too hot?... And lux, Sorrento sounds fab. Sorry to be a pain in the neck, but any chance you'd have a link to that apartment you booked? It sounds like our kind of thing.
lux Posts: 6270
I actually don't, we just googled short term lets Sorrento or similar and found it that way, there was a lot of choice and they were generally good value.
reine Posts: 1771
[quote="lux":egofk3f2]I actually don't, we just googled short term lets Sorrento or similar and found it that way, there was a lot of choice and they were generally good value.[/quote:egofk3f2] Cool... Thanks a mill!
mammymcphee Posts: 4477
malta for 2 whole weeks :o)ll
mrsmoo2202 Posts: 1930
we're off to mexico :o)ll but not till november :o( we got a great deal for 10 days. was in fuertaventura in march, cost us about 500 euro for flights and accomodation, hotel was a bit crap, and the weather was awful, but was there last sept in a different hotel and it was fab!! went self catering and it's so cheap over there. and was in canada for my cousins wedding in may, not much of a break as was only there for 5 days and was running around doing things, but wouldn't have missed it for the world!! lastminute.com and alpharooms you can find great hotel bargains, hope you manage to find somewhere :wv
streaks Posts: 3592
We're going to Chicago, Toronto, niagara falls and Boston. Hiring ancar and driving from Chicago to Boston taking in the other places in between. We were gonna go with something more low key but then said feck it we may aswell go all out when we can! This day next month we'll be gettin ready for night on the tiles in Chicago :o)ll