where to get dress for 13 yr old?

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soc Posts: 170
Hi all, Need to get a dress for a 13 yr old for wedding, nothing too bare or strapless, and she is quite tall, an ideas?? Thanks
JustBecause Posts: 3242
My 13 yo sister is going to be a bridesmaid for me. We're having a dress made for her but very similar to this Dessy one. My sister is tall and looks older (she will be 14 a few weeks after the wedding) so it was important for us to find something modest but not childish for her. She is really happy with the shape of this dress. the other BMs are having similar dresses but with different necklines.
soc Posts: 170
Thanks just because! Thats the problem, cant be too childish but don't think strapless is appropriate either and especially not in the church!! If anyone else has ideas where we can buy one???
JellySnakes Posts: 2201
Is the 13yr old a guest or part of the wedding? What about Next they go up to age 16. ... desmaid/8/ ... %3bDresses This from Debenhams ... reId=10052
soc Posts: 170
Thanks for that jellysnakes some of those dresses are gorgeous! Wedding isn't until summer and they are all a bit wintery so Ill wait and see when the summer ones come in because she willl undoubtedly grow even more by then! She is kinda of part of the wedding as in she will be my stepdaughter but Im not really having any children in or at the wedding (don't know any or have any in immediate family) except for her and the bms dresses would be much to old for her. Promised I would get her a fab dress for the day but don't really know where to start! Thanks again :)