Which dress would you pick?

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fredd Posts: 259
which dress would
Happily Ever After Posts: 547
Absolutely love the first one! I know it's plain and simple but it is so elegant :lvs :lvs :lvs it! Good luck
Carriedaway Posts: 1863
I Love the second one, but thats because im not a fan of plain dresses , i think the second one just has a bit more edge over the first one
tippbride2012 Posts: 188
I think the first dress is very simple but sometimes that can be a good thing. People see a lovely dress on a beauthiful bride rather than the dress getting all the attention. After all, its only there to make you look gorgeous !!! PS.... i'm just not a fan of dresses that cut you at the knee. :)
spaced2012 Posts: 275
i love :heartbeat: the 1st one but I do like the simply elegant option and would think the 2nd is too fussy. thats just me though. go with what suits you and you feel comfy in. you have got to feel comfy in it!! good luck!
Nostress Posts: 1606
Personally I would go for the second one but not because I prefer it - but because it has detail on top which I need to balance my ass out!! Also I really don't like wearing strapless dresses. Both are lovely but I think if you like both you need to think about which suits your body shape more.
OrTees Posts: 907
Definitely the first one - it is beautiful and elegant. I wouldn't be a fan of the second one at all but that's just me. As others have said, you really need to pick the shape that suits you best. Can you bring someone with you and try both on again for a second opinion?
fredd Posts: 259
my mum and sister love the first one. im thinking of adding a mermaid petticoat underneath the first one just to give it that little kick out at the end. thanks for all the feedback, really appreciate it!
Daisyboo Posts: 1347
I like the second one .
MrsAmy Posts: 983
One - definitely number one!!! It's so classic and timeless! Beautiful!