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Decisions11 Posts: 1246
Grr.. My sister is arranging my hen's. She was asking me for friends numbers. Sent them over and that was grand. A few weeks later I was thinking about a completely different set of girls/friends (all H2b friends partners) I was thinking.. mmh no won't invite them as don't want them to feel that they have to go.. (3 of them are getting married this year also) then a few of my good friends said it might be awkard talking about my hens around them especially since "I didn't invite them to mine" so decided yea feck it, I'll invite them just to be nice. So last week I texted them all, inviting them.. 2 haven't bothered repling to me >:o( 1 replied back saying "I'll keep it in mind" >:o( 2 replied back chatting about their hen (which I am obviously not invited too) and didn't give me an answer either.. So now, trying to be nice.. I have people would I have no idea if they are going or not and don't know if I have to book rooms for them or not (I did state in my message that I need an answer) I feel like rubbish now for asking them, I really wish that I hadn't :o(
moanna Posts: 1081
dont bother booking rooms for them. you have asked them now so you have covered yourself. I am not going to bother with any of OH friends WAGs TBH if it wasnt for OH i would not be friends with them and am not particular close to any of them.dont get me wrong they are nice girls and we have a laugh if we are out but they dont compare to my own girlies. dont feel bad they cant say they were not asked and if they really want to go they will get back to you.
Decisions11 Posts: 1246
Thanks eastville. wags.. I love it :o0 I am the same, they are nice but not close friends or anything. I just expect people to be honest, like me. If I am invited to anything I like to give people a straight answer.. none of this beating round the bush bunny :o0 Your right, not going to book rooms or ask them again. I've cleared myself. Thought it was a bit bitchy for 2 to start chatting about their hen, as clear as day that I am not invited!!
moanna Posts: 1081
ignorant witches!! I am the same as you I alway reply back ASAP if I am invited anywhere I have one friend in particular who never gives an answer if she doesnt want to go somewhere. you could be texting her all night then ask her to go somewhere she doesnt want to go and she dissapears off the face of the earth I was organising a girls nite out at xmas emailed all he girls. she is always on email but never replied back or aknowledeged she got the mail so I left it at that in the past I would have followed up with a text or something but now i dont bother my arse. its bugs the shite out of me how rude she is sometimes!!!
Decisions11 Posts: 1246
See that bugs me about people.. Pure cowards. Spinless wimps that aren't capable of giving an answer. There is nothing bad in saying "Sorry I can't make it due to xxx" but just to ignore the question in the hope that it will go away.. just gets my bum :o0
maltabride2011 Posts: 987
[quote="Decisions11":2zkuqebs]There is nothing bad in saying "Sorry I can't make it due to xxx" but just to ignore the question in the hope that it will go away.. just gets my bum [/quote:2zkuqebs] Totally Decisions, I know what you mean! :o0 Sure just go off and organise the rooms for your girlies and if they come back to you in a week or two or whatever saying they want rooms, then you can just say tough luck I've already sorted it all out, so you'll need to look after yourselves (said much nice than that obv :o0 ) just concentrate on planning the best hen you can for yourself and all those who have bothered to reply and don't let them stress you out. :thnk
daisy2012 Posts: 619
I agree f**k them! If they didn't give ya a definite answer, don't include them! I can't get over how inconsiderate people can be - especially if some of them are geting married themselves they should know how much organising is involved and you dont need to be chasing them looking for answers! You go off and enjoy your hen with your girls....
MrsBig10 Posts: 2074
to hell with them! Get the rooms organised for who you know are going, if they decide at a later date to reply well you can tell them the rooms are booked but that they are free to organise their own accommdation. To hell with them!!! I personally am not into hens & will just want something small with a few good friends. Don't feel obliged anymore - you've extended the invties to the WAGs, it's up to them now.Concentrate on the great time you're goiing to have a with your "friends"