Why do we have bouquets????

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Goldielocked Posts: 190
This thought just popped into my head as I was pricing flowers. Sure they look pretty but so would a handbag or something else. I'd be interested to hear from/see pics of anyone who hasn't used flowers. What alternative did you go for? Weddings are funny oul things.........so many traditions that I feel I need to keep, but have no idea why!? :duh:
Mustang Sally Posts: 394
To answer your question: because they're flipping gorgeous!! Sorry :-8 I love flowers and am very excited about my bouquet,probably more so than my dress actually. Yes, there are lots of traditions and it's totally fine to break them if you don't want them. The only thing is a lot of traditions are lovely and doing away with them is a shame.....for example I really liked the idea of my OH and I walking down the aisle together instead of my Dad "giving me away"...I mean come on we've been living together for HOW long! BUt a friend of mine said "Sally, don't change TOO many things. A traditional wedding is lovely and it's nice to add your own touch but don't take away too many things" and now that the day is getting closer I think she's right.
workingmom Posts: 3429
Well I guess, why have a big white dress? why have a sit down meal? why have any of it, when you can just go to a registrar with 2 witnesses and be done with it. The answer is two fold- personal choice and tradition, if you don't want flowers, cakes, dresses, even clergy, there are alternatives, and it's personal choice that decides.
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
I think what the OP was asking was "whats the tradition associated with having flowers"? I'd like to know that also? I mean the white dress was meant to be a symbol of purity entering into the marriage and the father giving away the bride goes back to when the father collected the dowry for his daughter but I have no clue what the meaning is behind having flowers except that it looks pretty!!!
workingmom Posts: 3429
There's a million articles on google that explain the origins, from symbolising a gift of nature, to being something fragrant in not so hygenic eras, to being used to ward off evil spirits, these days, it is tradition, that's pretty much it.
sarahstrikes Posts: 214
Thhis thought had occured to me to but I couldnt think of any alternatives so would love to hear some of these. The prices are mad though, Could I spend the money on something I really want and walk up the aisle with a new ipad in my hands :yelrotflmaosmilie:
bosshogg Posts: 159
I think it's really good to question things, it's a freedom of a kind. I can absolutely see where you're coming from Mustangsally, I was initially going to drop a number of the traditions but am really happy I've held on to some now. With regard to bouquets costing a lot I think there are ways around that, I was inspired by this bride(in link below) who picked hers up (or someone else did) at a flower market/stall and I think they look beautiful. Their whole day looks fab actually.
Goldielocked Posts: 190
[quote="sarahstrikes":44rs9upb] The prices are mad though, Could I spend the money on something I really want and walk up the aisle with a new ipad in my hands :yelrotflmaosmilie:[/quote:44rs9upb] :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie: I love that idea! haha I had originally planned on making my own brooch bouquet but after buying my dress, the brooches will just be too much 'bling' so I'm back to flowers now. I love flowers myself, but I like to have them sat in a nice vase where I can look at them. It's carrying them as an accessory that I'm not keen on.
LittleLily Posts: 3682
Funnily enough, I'll never forget there was an older episode of Don't tell the bride (the UK one) where the bridesmaids insisted that they had to have the bag that matched their dress. After a bit of tooing and froing the groom said they could have them but there wouldnt be any money in the budget for them to have bouquets. They agreed. In the interviews later the girls said they felt a bit silly walking down the aisle carrying a handbag.
corkiegirl Posts: 825
I watched that espisode of DTTB... they did look a bit silly, the way there were clutching them! I think they should have given the bags to someone to leave on their pews and walked up without them. My friend had a brooch bouquet last year. She didn't want to carry nothing but didn't want to spend money on flowers. So she borrowed a brooch bouquet off someone else. I guess that is the best thing about them. I think the flowers in the bouquet are definately related to their symbolism. My mum kept telling me that I should choose mine based on their meanings- hydrangea for understanding, freesia for innocence etc. I told her I was picking them on colour and texture etc. She wasn't very happy with me!!