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YoMammaSo Posts: 3256
a comin across the nation. .. . . Girls ive no internet at home anymore! I dont live in the city so fiber optic Broadband isnt available to me, I also want a home phone it will come in handy when the babs arrives. ive looked up vodafone- 45 a month "up to" 8MB 40GB allowance and a home phone (they rent a line off eircom) with unlimited local and national anytime calls. 200mins to any 3 designated vodafone #'s ( i dont know anyone on vodafone) WI-MAX- do a 3MB for 40 a month with a home phone , internet is all wi-fi and home phone is digital, all calls are unlimited local, national and uk calls anytime. Has anyone got the wi-max internet, is it any good, is a digital phone the same as a normal one ? Ive looked up UPC eircom and perlico aswell, the above 2 are the best offers- What do ye think ?
YoMammaSo Posts: 3256
anyone ? :wv
sugarandspice Posts: 2378
not much help, but now i have that bloody wi-max song stuck in my head..... AGAIN!!!!!!
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
[quote="sugarandspice":3re3246i]not much help, but now i have that bloody wi-max song stuck in my head..... AGAIN!!!!!![/quote:3re3246i] Hahaha! Me too! I quite like it though! I have no idea regarding the broadband though. Just to say that the 'up to' 8mb will probably depend on your phone line. You can find out from eircom what the capabilities are. I think ours is 3mb max so paying for 8mb of broadband would be a total waste!
YoMammaSo Posts: 3256
hence the "8mb" inverted comma's when anything says " up to" its usually BS oh i always have the song stuck in my head, i love it - is the tune from something else ? it sounds so familiar ?
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
I'd imagine in a city or an office or something you might get it but for those of us who live in the sticks I think it's a myth! 3mb is loads for regualr household use anyway. We've often had 2 laptops here on at the same time and you'd never know so more than one wouldn't slow it down or anything!
YoMammaSo Posts: 3256
do ya know anything about the digital phone calls tho ? apposed to regular ones? im lost with that stuff
Bigleap Posts: 696
Have you looked into eircom? My parents live in the countryside and have the phone and broadband package. I was suprised how good the broadband is (I think its only 3Mb but its fine). I think its about 40 a month.