Will I regret it?

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sweetie13 Posts: 287
Hi thanks for readingthis...can't believe I'm thinking at only 6months to go :-/ please help!!! so got engaged 2yrs ago looked at venues etc booked one a nice one great reviews known for great food..it's a lovely local house hotel.. It's not the hotel I LOVE which is the cadtlemartyr I just love it but at the time it way over our budget which we thought our budget was average €70 a head would be max!!! Now it's getting closer I sometimes think I should of went with cadtlemartyr.. It is out of our budget but I could cut back Anyway just wondering will I regret it .. Or will I be glad I sved our money for something else such as our honeymoon x H2b says we could stay there on our anniversary or just a weekend away Did any of you go through anything like Just don't want to have any regrets!!! Thank you for replying and taking time to read didn't realise it would be soo long:-)
ponderousanon Posts: 144
Could it be an idea to go see them both on a day and maybe chat to the staff in castlemartyr to see if its even available on your date? Perhaps if you decide it really is your dream they might do reduced price if the date is available 6 months before or you could consider a Thursday/Monday wedding? But that will provably throw your church, band etc so might be best to just check re availability first as may not even be an option? Could put your mind to rest though...
streco80 Posts: 343
As much as I know you love the venue, you have to be sensible when it comes to money. A lot of people do say 'ah sure it's the biggest day of your life' but you seriously don't need the stress of worrying about how you're onna pay for it. Why not rent a few extras for the reception room instead. Like get a fairy light back drop, extra flowers etc? Maybe discuss options with a decor company. I know a couple that had to come home from their honeymoon early as they ran out of money....bills added up and yet went over budget majorly. Not worth it at all in my opinion
MadWoman2013 Posts: 528
I'd say stick with your current venue, your h2b had a great idea in going there for another special occasion. You'll thank yourself when you're enjoying your honeymoon :) Your wedding day will be an amzing success because of all the people you love being around you, the fact that your venue has great reviews is a comfort too! :)
happiness2014 Posts: 29
I'm the same as you. Haven't booked a venue yet but were already thinking about budgets . Any of the venues I love are so expensive but I'm thinking will I regret it if I don't have the venue of my dreams but then on the other hand will I be great full for having a venue that is within budget. Friends of mine that are married have said that on your big day any venue will be special no matter what as it will be the happiest day of your life. Let me know what you decide , I'm sure your mind is going through all the pros and cons. I think maybe check out the venue you love again and really think about it and if your heart says yes then go with it ;)
jeanniejampots Posts: 378
Stick with the original. Lots of little unknowns pop up that cost money over the next six months and if you blow the budget on the hotel you will regret it. Keep the money for your honeymoon etc. I would only advise changing if you really didn't like your current one
lorraine78 Posts: 988
There was 1 or 2 places i would've loved to get married in,but it was only in my dreams,way over anything we could afford! There really is no point in starting off married life with a massive debt hanging over your head. We got married in a lovely counrty house hotel too,food was fab and once yourselves and your guests enjoy your day,thats all that matters!
sweetie13 Posts: 287
Thanks for all your replies much appreciated!! Well happiness 2014 I've decided to stick within our budget as we know the food is amazing and the views are stunning We have thought hard and will now be putting our money into decorating the room with loads of fresh flowers in tall vases etc.. The room is beautiful and bright And the staff are fantastic there we can do anything Thanks all