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junelynch2012 Posts: 5
Hi, I am getting married in June 2012, just got engaged a few months ago so totally new to all this planning!! O:o) . We have booked our photographer, we both weren't too pushed about getting a videographer but then someone said we should get one as if we didnt we might regret it! Can I just ask, is it the thing to do, to have both videographer and photographer or is one enough? would really appreciate the advice as not sure what to do!! thanks O:o)
Blossom Cherry Posts: 2701
At first we didn't want one either - then I started watching wedding videos online and I just thought they are a fab thing to look back on in years to come so we decided to book one. Most videographers have some samples on their websites - have a look and see what you think HTH
Scruff1 Posts: 3139
We weren't bothered about having one but after speaking to a few people we agreed we would get one if the price was right. Some quotes we got were ridiculous but we got a really good package with d digital, you should check them out they are really reasonable!
Drummerswife Posts: 3497
Ye I think the done thing is too have both. Most people I know who have gotten a videographer (which I would recommend for memories) have had both.
AmandaMc Posts: 1813
We were the same, adamant we were going to leave this out but so many said we'd regret it. Still not something we wanted to spend a fortune on so we also went with D Digital- 500 euro to entry for dinner, hard to beat really! The church is the main part to capture so we were not bothered about getting the whole day filmed
shotclip Posts: 38
Hi Conor from Shotclip.com here. You could consider getting 5 or 6 of your guests to record your wedding. We have recently launched Shotclip a new web app that shows your guests how to video the wedding. Then after the Wedding all your guests upload their video clips to your Shotclip account. Once video clips are uploaded to your account, you can use Shotclip to join video clips together to make a wedding video. You can then download the video or share it online. Its really easy to use. Its a great way to get your guests involved. And just like disposable cameras... guests will capture alot of the funny/unscripted moments of the day, so its a great way to get all those video clips. Also by getting lots of video clips from guests you might only want to hire a videographer for half the day. Saving you money. Or you could just let guests video the whole day, if you have 5 different guests all videoing you are very likely to get a lot of good shots of the entire day.
mrs2013 Posts: 213
After seeing a few friends wedding dvd I am going to have a videographer and i will have a photographer. I think i will be nervous and then later on so excited that I wont remember the whole day so that is my reason for going with a video and i think its lovely to look back on.
JMBvideos Posts: 511
[quote="junelynch2012":5bqfof08]is it the thing to do, to have both videographer and photographer or is one enough? [/quote:5bqfof08] Hi Junelynch2012, Photography and videography is two services that offer very different end products. You are not going to be able to hang your wedding DVD on the living room wall where the nice portrait that you got from your photographer hangs, but at the same time no photograph can capture the beautiful music that was played at your ceremony or the lovely comments (and reactions to them) that were made during the speeches at your reception. A well produced video will capture a lot more than images. If you choose any professional company to produce a film of your special day, you will be presented with a finished product that will bring out the true emotion of the day itself. As I said earlier, It is not in any way a replacement for photography but neither is photography a replacement for video. They are just two different products that compliment each other beautifully if done properly. [color=#BFFFFF:5bqfof08].[/color:5bqfof08]