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dubwoman Posts: 48
My dad has passed away and am trying to work out the wording of the invites as we would still like to phrase it as its still being hosted by my family. I was thinking of "Mrs DubwomansMother and family would request the ...." But am not sure about evening invites... do they usually get phrased as from the brides parents? What do ye think?>
Crostini Posts: 1105
You could just say 'With their families, Miss Dubwoman and Mr. Dubman, would like to coridally invite you to the celebration of their marriage....blah blah blah.
MizMelanie Posts: 1443
Actually I received a wedding invite recently and both the bride's and the groom's dads have passed away and they are both referred to separately, like - Mrs. X and the Late Mr. X would like to invite........ . Maybe you don't want to do that though and so I think either the wording already suggested is lovely or - "X and Y, together with their parents..."
ludicrous Posts: 529
IMO the Mr x and the late Mr x is a bit strange, but that just my opinion. I would go for Bride & Groom, together with their families, or the x family and the x family would like to invite.....
augb2b Posts: 177
I couldn't work out what to write either, so I went with Augb2b and Hubbie would like to invite ....... to celebrate our marriage.
scrunch Posts: 450
Bride and groom along with their families cordially invite ---------------- to their marriage ceremony