worried - type of movement?

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feelsobad Posts: 693
Hi girls Baby has been pretty active since early on - never a big kicker but lots of rolls and jumps and wriggles. Over last few days the kicks are less and it is more wirggles or the baby pushing out against my tummy and moving across - I feel movement during the day but not sure if this is normal. Get the odd big kick but not loads. Also baby used to move a lot in morning now less and more later in day. Is this normal - feeling v worried about it. I did the counting in 12 hours and get more than 10 movements but does baby still have quiet days at this stage??
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
It's always a worry and I think what I am going to do is check I feel baby throughout the day and if a long period passes and drinking water and lying on left side doesn't make baby move then i'll contact maternity. I have noticed difference in movement in past few weeks somedays baby is more active than others and this has always been the case, always found baby quieter over weekend. Yesterday baby was very quiet and I was slightly concerned to the point I bought a fizzy drink to wake babs up. I went for a walk yesterday though and think this put baby to sleep. Babs was active then when I went to bed. If 12 hours passes with no movement, contact Gyne I would say.
dovedro Posts: 1295
Hi chloe This sounds normal to me, at around 30 weeks the kicks were less but I get loads of moving, squirming, legs and bum sticking out. If the actual movement has lessened then I'd check with your doctor but if it's just the type of movement that's changed then I'd say this is down to the baby running out of kicking space
theoracle Posts: 7664
I had this with DD, it was due to the position she was in - basically head down, bum at the top and legs and arms towards the back - hence I never had proper kicks, just wriggles and bum shuffles. As she got bigger, the movements got 'slower' and 'lazier' I would describe. However, if you find thsi type of movement unusual for your pregnancy, by all means have it checked out. This time baby is breech and it is a very different sensation, I got many more kicks, but also have a feeling now babs has gotten lazier, but they do get bigger and have less space as you go along.
fantac Posts: 4109
hi chloe - i had a big panic about movement a couple of weeks ago too - it just totally chnaged and was much more wiggly than kicks - i ended up going for a movement and HR trace in the hosp - they said everything was grand and i just wasn't feeling a lot of the movements. even now there's much less movement than there was 5 weeks ago, and its almost all rolls and wiggles and squirms. i think its pretty normal -just another thing sent to freak us out............
missc Posts: 875
Hiya, Yep i've been the same since last week. Thought the movement had really quietened down but it was more of a change in movements. Baby is definatley more lazy and just rolling around. Just running out of space or as HU101 said, it could be just in a different position. Try not to worry, i know its hard, i spent most of last week debaiting whether or not to go to hosp or not :o0 i thnk we should all give up reading these bloody books, they make me soooo worried about every little thing :o0