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secretbridie Posts: 359
Hi woolies, We booked our band months ago & I'm thrilled we got them, as we saw them at a wedding before & I loved them. When we were booked I asked them about playing a Siege of Ennis (a major must for our guests) and was told it was no problem. Now I've noticed on their website that they say that sets & sieges are not in their repertoire, but that they can play them on a cd during the tea break. Am I out of line to be a bit annoyed by this? I did ask them to 'play' a siege -it never crossed my mind that it'd be on a disc! That said, I don't want to create any bad feeling between us & them so close to the wedding. Afterall, the success of the wedding kinda depends on them being good. We also have a few guests who are fabulous trad musicians, so we can ask them to play instead. I just feel that we're paying them a pile of money & I think I expected more. Any opinions?
ammygirl Posts: 248
Of course you've every right to be annoyed. You specifically asked about it. I'd say to them you want it played live. At the end of the day your not paying that money for a cd. I don't think you'll cause bad feeling for saying it but I think if you don't say something you'll be annoyed with yourself on the day. I'd send them a mail or give them a call.
Carriedaway Posts: 1863
I would definitely say something to them, I am sure you are paying them a small fortune for them and if they lied to you about playing the song just to get a booking then they've voided the contract.
secretbridie Posts: 359
Thanks girls. Bit the bullet a few mis ago & sent them an email. Sweet as pie though - I feel that they have too much input in how good the reception will be to p*ss them off! Will have to wait and see what they come back with now!
Carriedaway Posts: 1863
Let us know how you get on
corkiegirl Posts: 825
Yeah you're right to have questioned them. You specifically asked them that and it sounds like they tried to mislead you. Hope you get it sorted.