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Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
I was trying to get into the HSE for a few years and i was recently offered a 3 months contract with them but starting date is 10th dec, id have to finish 21st dec for wedding but i was told this is no problem as they office staff takes hols over xmas and i would still have a job in Jan, I was told contract could be longer but nothing promised, hours are nice 33 a week and i wouldn't feel any pressure, do you think its worthed and just go for it????
LMR Posts: 1925
Go for it. If you want to work for them and they're fine about you having time off for your wedding, you may as well take the chance while you have it, particilarly if you've been trying to get for some time. Good luck
goblyn Posts: 796
Def go for it even if the contract is only 3 months you would have 3 months experience with them and have foot in the door so it would be easier to apply for jobs within other departments as you would have references that would be known within the HSE. And 33 hrs a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :eek no contest
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
Thanks for that, just needed someone else to say it!. I had bad luck recently in jobs between bullies and the wrong jobs, so in and out of work past few months, so hopefully this is the new start i need. Thanks :thnk
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
thanks goblyn very good point i could apply for other departments if it did end. :thnk