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Frankly My Dear is all shiny and new! Your guests will most likely not have seen this act before at other weddings so if you want a totally unique, stylish, theatrical feast for the senses both visually and vocally, then read on …

A chic performance full of all-time favourite artists from Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett and Nat King Cole to Marilyn Monroe, Peggy Lee and Ella Fitzgerald with all the glamour of old Hollywood! While acknowledging the influence of the Great American Songbook, individuality is infused into each note, presenting a refreshing and contemporary interpretation of these timeless classics.

Audiences are transported back in time to a more elegant era but with a contemporary twist featuring some of the genres more modern exponents like Lady Ga Ga, Michael Bublé and Rod Stewart. Popular modern hits from various genres are reimagined, transformed and remastered with big band arrangements to the delight and surprise of audiences.

With an array of costume changes, each performance offers a visually stunning experience. The careful selection of wardrobe and impeccable attention to detail contribute to the overall ambiance created on stage. From elegant, floor-length gowns adorned with sequins and feathers to tuxedo & trilby hats, Frankly My Dear wardrobe choices both dazzle and reflect the mood of each song.

From an intimate solo performance to set an elegant ambiance right through to an exhilarating pop-up cabaret show with dancers & sax accompaniment to add excitement, elegance and a touch of theatre, Frankly my Dear is ingeniously versatile. The act is compact and adaptable and guaranteed to delight and enchant audiences everywhere.

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