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Wondering What To Do Next During Our Worldwide Pandemic? What Trauma are YOU going through right now because the date of your Wedding Day needs to be Rescheduled!!!I'm Patricia, Certified Therapeutic Voice Practitioner and founder at Transformation Through Music Healing Practice helping couple's Mental and Emotional Well being when in the midst of Change.COVID- Brides and Grooms hire me to get evidence-based guidance to thrive through the uncertainty and harness the power of their Inner Voice (their natural wisdom and intuition) so they can find and apply doable solutions. What others are saying about this process:"OMG how did you just do that? I can notice the difference in myself and my Confidence is so much better"-- Olivia"This year I made a commitment to invest more in myself and so i embarked on a Six month Mindset Coaching and Singing Tuition course with Patricia. From the outset, Patricia enabled me to look internally at myself, my thoughts, my actions and my Value system in order for me become my true authentic self, all whilst allowing me to express myself through sound, meditation and music during each session- It really was a form of therapy that I looked forward to deeply each week! Patricia has an irresistible essence and vibrant energy about her. She went above and beyond to accommodate my needs and listened to my ideas and opinions with ease. Any suggestions for change were respected and managed thoroughly. I know that our paths will cross again in the near future." Thank you kindly Patricia.-- Ciara"I worked with Patricia Daly Coaching for several months because we had a lot to do!I was so mired in negative thinking. The best things that we did were to take an inventory of my internal state [...], then work on positive affirmations and general positive thought. This really helped me make concrete strides, all thanks to Patricia!"-- L.R."When I spent time with Patricia in my Discovery session, I felt heard and was very connected to her warmth and deep caring for me. I recommend that you spend time with her so you can experience who this woman is and benefit from her depth of wisdom so you can be on your road to your transformation"-- L.P."The work you did with me has noticeably enhanced and strengthened the sense of flow in my life, both of and through creativity. My focus on and recognition of this flow is sharper now. Part of that is also due to your engagement in my process. I know you are 'there' in that lovely way of yours. You are truly a caring, loving and very skilled coach! THANKS, again…"--S.A.
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Quality of service
Sarah & Nick
Married on 30th Sep 2022
Vow renewal
The harp was amazing and classic.
Thank you so much. We absolutely loved
the music.
Added 5th Oct 2022
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