Seapoint Acupuncture

28 Patrick Street, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin

This is the listing page for Seapoint Acupuncture located in Co. Dublin. If you are getting married in Co. Dublin why not contact Seapoint Acupuncture to see what they can offer you for your wedding day?

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Reviews of Seapoint Acupuncture

Aishling, Glenageary
I?m pregnant!!!! Words can?t express our delight in saying those two little words? and I definitely believe that acupuncture had a firm part to play in this. We had been trying to conceive for over two years, and were having a really tough time. Acupuncture really helped in so many ways and I?ll definitely be keeping it up throughout the pregnancy.
Added 3rd Jul 2013
Aileen, Dun Laoghaire
With the help of regular acupuncture sessions, I managed to lose almost 2 stone before my wedding. It really boosted my confidence on my big day ?. And as a bonus, the treatments really helped me to manage my stress levels and stay calm at such a busy time in my life!!
Added 1st Jul 2013
Louise, Blackrock
I used to suffer from horrendous and debilitating migraines and often spent days in agony, unable to go out. Sin?ad has been a lifeline and has really helped to manage the pain and frequency of my migraines. I have been migraine-free for 3 months now and feel like I have my life back for the first time in years!
Added 4th Jun 2013
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