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Wedding Photographer in Dublin.Zi Fernandes started taking photography lessons as a teenager. When she reached adulthood, she made her first independent choice with her heart: to dedicate herself exclusively to photography as a profession. She discovered that photography is much more than a distinctive look - that it is actually a point of view. Always connected to the artistic and literary universe, she began understanding with ease the individuality of each person that she photographed. She felt that photography, besides eternalizing moments, becomes the main document of memory. The photography we register today will have even more affective value over the years - when the next generations flick through their family albums and link with the past behind them. With a restless soul and a big eagerness to reveal what people are, on its first experience registering a wedding, she promised herself to do this for the rest of her life. She also felt a profound empathy for the amount and diversity of important stories that happen on the celebration day. However being totally qualified, both academic and technically, on the subject of Visual Language, seeks in her work to register the simple and sincere moments in a natural way, using a creative language.With no tricks or props, her work method is discreet, and what she sincerely wants and desires is that the couple will enjoy all the moments of their big day, as well as the families will share their love with naturalness in front of her lenses.
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Quality of service
Adriano & Rafael
Married on 9th Jan 2017
It's very difficult to talk about the work of the photographer Zi Fernandes. Difficult because she does what is simple; she's able to capture, through her lenses, the simplest smile, the simplest look. In one single click, she's able to capture the simplicity of a story, and to transform its clicks into a magical moment. Being able to look beyond the lenses is what makes her a special professional.
Added 7th Apr 2017
Married on 8th Nov 2016
Family photoshoot, newborn
Added 31st Mar 2017
Married on 10th Sep 2016
Family photoshoot, baby bump
Added 31st Mar 2017
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Ynara Almeida
Married on 15th Aug 2016
Zi Fernandes captured the essence of us in our wedding photos. On the day of the wedding she basically filled in when we were too nervous and came up with a concept that really helped to tell our story! Going through the photos it is impossible not to get emotional, even if you don?t even know us! She always finds a way to translate feelings into photos. I have worked with several photographers in the past but I must say that Zi is by far my favourite! I would highly recommend her work because of her professionalism and commitment to clients.
Added 30th Mar 2017