30+ Wedding Cakes to Inspire! Top Wedding Cake Trends 2013


Time to stick a seat belt on those saliva glands because you’re going to need it during this sweet ride through this year’s most delectable wedding cake trends! Today we’re talking the ultimate wedding sweet and taking a look through the hottest trends for yours this year. There truly is a cake to suit all tastes here, from glamorous metallic wedding cakes, to French macaron cakes, there is not one we could possibly say no to! Here’s a quick run down of our faves this year: statement ruffle icing, chevron details, lace applique, hand painted wedding cakes, colourful wedding cakes, ombre wedding cakes, and our fave wedding cake alternative – the cake pop! Featuring Bake My Cake, Eden Cake Company, French Wedding Cakes & A Slice of Heaven.

1. Metallic Wedding Cakes

metallic wedding cake bronze gold blush wedding cake white gold metallic wedding cake silver metallic wedding cake
via weddingchicks photo by You + We Photography | via Inspired by This photo by Allyson Magda | Photo by Ashley Rose, cake by My Sweet & Saucy | Cake by Bake My Cake

Metallic wedding cakes were popping up in trendy weddings throughout 2012, and are set to continue their popularity for 2013. Gold, silver and bronze iced cakes make for a striking centerpiece either on their own or as the focal point of a dessert table, and add decadence and glamour to surrounding decor. Now, we have no idea just what makes these beauties shimmer and shine like the dickens (we’re presuming whatever it is is edible, anyway?) but we’re loving its work, and as trends go, this is definitely one we’d recommend!

2. Ruffled Icing

blush ruffles wedding cake ruffle detail wedding cake bluedemin blue ruffled wedding cake ruffle detail wedding cake
via stylemepretty photo by Elizabeth Messina | photo by Jose Villa | via bridechic photo by Ryan Ray Photography | by My Sweet and Saucy Shop via weddingpartyapp

Oh ruffles, is there anything you can’t make look amazing? We don’t need to say much about how incredibly pretty ruffled iced wedding cakes are, just look at these pictures! Combined with one of this year’s top wedding trends – pastels, ruffle icing details make even the most plain cake look like a piece of delicious art. Oh and if you’re going with the ruffled cake look, you obviously need to get yourself a pair of Badgley Mischka wedding shoes to match. Am I right?

3. Chevron Detail

navy chevron detail wedding cake chevron wedding cakechevron wedding cake stripe chevron wedding cake
via revel-blog | by Layered Bake Shop via weddingwire | by Charm City Cakes 2013 | cake by Erica OBrien photo by Brooke Allison Photo via weddingchicks

And the most popular geometric shape for wedding cakes this year is… you guessed it, CHEVRON! This is the trend to go for if you fancy going for more quirky design to accent your wedding cake. The zig zag chevron wedding theme is popular throughout entire decor for 2013 weddings – from chevron invites to chevron table runners to chevron bridesmaids (my eyes! My EYES!) – and we’re enjoying it for its distinctly modern edge.

4. Lace Icing & Appliques

lace wedding cake icing icing lace wedding cakesquare wedding cake lace icing lace wedding cake icing
Photo by 2 Brides Photography via stylemepretty | photo by Karma Hill via weddingchicks | cakes by Eden Cake Company

Lace icing and lace applique details are hugely popular ways to make a wedding cake a modern classic. We love the detail in these white lace iced wedding cakes by Eden Cake Company (and the pearl finishing on the one on the right? Come on!) and are super intrigued by the lace applique embellishment on the top two, which is actual lace fabric. Many wedding cake suppliers will be able to recreate a lace pattern, so if you’ve gone for a lace applique wedding dress – why not model your cake on that?

5. Hand Painted Wedding Cakes

cherry hand painted wedding cake hand painter floral wedding cakes black and white hand painted wedding cake mustard hand painted wedding cake
Cakes by Bake My Cake | cake by Rachelles | cake by Maggie Austin Cake via weddingsunveiledblog

One of the most interesting things to happen in wedding trends last year was the emergence of the hand painted wedding cake. Hand painted wedding cakes are spectacularly beautiful, and make a fabulous centerpiece and talking point, at weddings. We say it about a lot of things, but these truly are a piece of art. We love the top two here, created by the fabulous Bake My Cake in Dublin, particularly the handpainted floral bouquets on sugarpaste plaques. Wow.

Spring wedding bouquet image

6. Macaroon Details

colourful macaron wedding cake macaroon wedding cake
pink cream macaron wedding cake green ombre macaroon wedding cake
Cake by A Slice of Heaven | cake by Bake My Cake | green macaron cake by French Wedding Cakes | pink & cream cake by The Cake Stand

From small accent cakes to oversized statement centerpieces, macaron tower wedding cakes have become a hugely popular wedding cake alternative in recent years. The macaron brings a bit of Marie Antoinette-esque French style and sophistication to the wedding decor and/or dessert table, and not only do they look chic and fabulous all stacked up in coordination, but macarons are INCREDIBLE. Macarons can be made in a variety of styles and flavours, and so are easily adapted to any colour palette. Go for romantic pastel shades, or carying shades of green (emerald green being one of the trendiest wedding colours of the year) to be on trend for 2013, One of our favourite takes on the macaron cake is the cascading mini macaron colour burst (see top right). This adds a fabulous embellishment to a plain white tiered cake and means you can still go for the traditional ‘cutting of the cake’ at the same time.

7. Colourful Wedding Cakes

confetti wedding cake colourful details wedding caketop wedding cake trends orage pink wedding cake
Cake by Bake My Cake | cake by Hey there, Cupcake! photo by Siegel Thurston Photography via Valley & Co | cake by Sweet & Saucy Shop | Cake by Declare Cakes photo by Chi Photography of Charleston via frostedpetticoatblog

Nothing puts a smile on our faces more than a bit of colour at a wedding, except of course if it’s a lot of colour… and if it’s in cake form. Spring/Summer wedding cakes get a big oomph from this lovely wedding cake trends which involves a plain white tiered cake embellished with electric citruses to add depth and make for a modern edge. One of our favourite takes on this trend is the confetti cake, which is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. We love this version by Bake My Cake, but if you want to push it to the limit, have the inside made á la this funfetti cake recipe.

8. Ombre wedding cakes

orange ombre wedding cake purple ombre wedding cakeyellow ombre wedding cake pink ombre wedding cake
via weddingbelles | cake by Nicki’s Cakes, photo by Millie Holloman Photography via Style Me Pretty | via Style Me Pretty | Cake by Bake My Cake

Ombre was a huge trend for weddings last year, and although we’re not mad on it taking over the entire wedding theme (ombre hair with matching dress may be a bit too much even for us) there’s one place we can’t say no to it – and that’s when it’s an ombre wedding cake. Ombre cakes in pastel shades are creating a seriously romantic and flirty feminine feel to cake stands and dessert tables in weddings this year, and making a fabulous focal point for wedding photos! Create yours with ruffle icing for the ultimate in delicious wedding trends for 2013!

Top Wedding Cake Alternative – Wedding Cake Pops

blue and yellow wedding cake pops yellow wedding cake popsblue wedding cake pop wedding cake pop display

These little bites of cakey goodness have stolen hearts (and probably expanded waistlines) this year, and we can’t get enough of them. Stacked to replace the traditional wedding cake, presented at the table as wedding favours or sprinkled around the drinks reception, there is never a bad time for beautiful wedding cake pops to take center stage. Have yours in different flavours and colours, with clear celophane bags and a ‘take a cake’ sign and your guests will be very happy bunnies indeed!

By Karen Birney