Top Wedding Cakes Trends We Love in 2021


If you have a sweet tooth, like me, you probably spend hours looking at photos of wedding cakes on Pinterest. Just me? Ok then. Every year I look forward to hearing about the year’s wedding cakes trends, particularly this year. With everything that Covid brought last year, I wondered if it would have an impact on one of the stars of the wedding day. It looks like this year, the emphasis will be on smaller cakes that look (and taste) incredible. We’re seeing small, two-tier cakes in place of the bigger cakes that typically feed hundreds of guests. Added to that, wedding cake makers are going all out with the look of the cakes! Beautiful rustic, woodlands themed cakes, pearl details and hand-painted elements are all popping up!

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Small, two-tiered cakes

“Trending at the moment is small, two-tiered cakes. I find couples at the moment are opting for the small elegant style, rather than large three-tier and four-tier cakes. With a two-tier cake and the right design, the cake can still look elegant and impressive.” – Bernedette Kennelly




Woodlands theme

“I think the trend will be rustic buttercream, woodland theme with lots of flowers, greenery and Eucalyptus.” – Lisa Celebration Cakes


Lisa Celebration Cakes


Hand-painted cakes

“Hand-painted cakes are a trend on the increase for us here at Empire Bespoke Cakes. They are covered in fondant and painted with an edible paint made from cocoa butter and edible coloured dusts. It gives a finish similar to oil. The possibilities for this medium of cake decoration are endless. The painting can reflect the wedding colours, mirroring the wedding blooms or they can tell a story by representing special and significant places to the couple.” – Empire Bespoke Cakes

Empire Bespoke Cakes



Beautiful sugar pearls are more than just a delicious pop of texture. They also add a luxurious element to your wedding cake! Have them in regal white or a metallic shade.

Piece of Cake Dublin


Square tiers

Modern couples are opting for square tiered cakes! They have a less traditional look and suit the minimalist wedding style.

Empire Bespoke Cakes



Flowers will always be trending in the wedding cake world. They are beautiful, romantic and elegant! This wedding cake trend isn’t going anywhere and we love it!

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