5 Awkward Questions You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Ask Your Wedding Suppliers

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There are lots of questions you’ll be asking your wedding suppliers, particularly at the beginning of your wedding planning journey. Some will be expected, while others may have you feeling a little awkward. Our advice is that no matter how uncomfortable the conversation may seem, just ask. Your wedding supplier team is here to help you create your perfect day! They’ll do whatever they can to make you feel comfortable. Here are some examples of awkward questions you shouldn’t be afraid to ask your wedding suppliers. They are here to prove that even if you’re feeling a little shy, just ask away!

Featured image credit: Renata Dapsyte Photography

In the latest episode of the Wedding Wednesdays podcast, we chatted about mistakes couples make while wedding planning. One of those mistakes is not asking enough questions! Take a listen here:


“I’m a huge fan of your work, but your packages are outside of my budget. Would you be willing to make some tweaks to fit into my price range?”

Most wedding suppliers would welcome a conversation like this. In fact, being upfront is much better than ghosting someone you love purely because they’re outside of your budget. Together with your supplier, you may be able to come up with a creative solution. By being completely honest (and polite too!), the worst that could happen is the supplier says no.


“I don’t understand this part of your contract. Could we please chat about it?”

Something that any lawyer will tell you is to read your contracts before signing them. Wedding supplier contracts are no exception. If there is anything you read in a supplier contract that is confusing, a word that is unrecognisable, or something you just don’t understand, bring it up. It’s better to have clarity at the start than to hit a possible hiccup later down the line. Your wedding suppliers will be more than happy to explain items on their contract and provide clarity when needed.


“I have a food aversion. Could we leave it off the menu?”

Anybody who has a food allergy or dietary restriction is probably accustomed to talking about them openly. However, this conversation shouldn’t be limited to just food you are allergic to. If there’s something you simply hate, include that in the conversation too. It’s your wedding day, after all, and you should be allowed to have some input into what you and your guests will be eating. So don’t feel awkward bringing it up with your caterer. They want you to enjoy your meal too, so if it means omitting the coriander or bananas, they’d be happy to make adjustments for you.


“Could I see the bathrooms?”

When you’re viewing venues, be sure to take a look at the bathrooms. On your wedding day, you and your guests will be popping into the bathrooms at least once, so it’s important that you’ve checked them out. Here are a few things to look out for: the cleanliness of the bathrooms, how accessible they are to people with special needs, whether or not the facilities are big enough to accommodate your friends and family, and if there’s a changing table for the little ones.


“I really don’t like (artist/band). Can you please not play his/her music?”

When you meet with your band or DJ, they want to hear all about the songs you love. They also want to hear about the songs you dislike, so they can avoid playing them! If there’s a song or artist that would make you walk off the dance floor, your band and DJ need to know about it.