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8 things you MUST DO on your Wedding Day

If there’s one reaction that pops up again and again in our real wedding section, is that the day ‘flew by’. Of course, when you think about it, after months and months of planning your perfect 24 (or 48) hour celebration – chopping and changing the guest list, picking out the wedding rings, wondering if the vegetarians will be happy with their choice of starters – it’s only natural that most brides feel their big day went by in a flash. Getting yourself organised a few days before is one way to slow the day down a bit (check out our One Week before the Wedding to-do list here) but there is also a few more things we would whole-heartedly suggest you do on your big day to make sure you get the most out of it…

1. Follow a ‘Morning of’ Plan

Morning of wedding plan

Make a plan for the morning of the wedding the week before the day itself. This should include times for hair and make-up for everyone, for putting on your dress, for enjoying your Champagne brekkie and include the very latest you can leave the house without causing too much off a fuss at the church! Then, stick to it! So many brides leave themselves last to get their hair/make up done, or lose track of time chatting over bubbly. Of course it’s in a bride’s right to be a little late, but you don’t want to give himself heart failure!

2. Pack an ‘Emergency Bag’

Wedding emergency kit

Remember to stick your emergency kit into your bag (or bridesmaid’s bag) before you leave the house. Chances are that your wedding coordinator will be able to give a hand with anything you need, but if you require specific make-up, medication or your favourite scent you’ll want to have it at hand. Other items you might want to take include: lipstick, mini deodorant, tissues, wet wipes, painkillers and maybe a few Euro.

Note! Give your overnight bag to a friend to take care of and to put into your hotel room at your venue.

3. Make a Speech

Bride making speech

Okay, we say ‘must do’ but we know this is one idea that will either intrigue, encourage or terrify. However, if you are considering it at all we would highly recommend to the bride to make a speech on her big day. It’ll give you butterflies for sure but taking the chance to stand in front of your friends and family and say a few words will be a fabulous memory of your day. Thank your guests for coming, your family and bridal party for their help, your parents for their support and of course your hubby for being amazing.


don’t mention to anybody that you are thinking of making a speech. It will take the pressure off in case the nerves get too much. When you feel ready (and you will!) just ask the best man to pass the microphone to you and let the words roll…

4. Eat!

Candy buffet table pink

Something so many brides forget to do on the day is to eat (or in some cases, their dress doesn’t allow for it!) Have something small every few hours and keep a bottle of water on you (or on your bridesmaid) throughout the day to keep hydrated. Have some toast or cereal in the morning (even if you don’t feel like it!) and throw something snacky into the car to have after the ceremony. Food and water will help you keep a clear head and stop you from getting a little too tipsy in the evening.

Feed your Suppliers!

Your photographer and videographer will probably be with you for the full day, so remember they have to eat too (or risk your photos coming out all blurry as their blood sugar declines!) Ask before if they are happy to eat at the bar while your guests enjoy the meal (standard practice) then have their food charged to your room.

5. Take time to take it in


Either before or after dinner, take some time alone to relax and chat with your other half. Try not to make these few minutes about paying the band or how annoyed you are that your cousin brought along an uninvited guest, instead just bask in the wonderful feeling of being officially married, and celebrating this day with the people who love you most.

6. Crazy dance with your bridesmaids

Bride dancing with bridesmaids

Put in a request to the band or DJ for a song that makes you and your girls (and boys?) feel all nostalgic and gets your toes tapping, then throw off your shoes and storm the dance floor. Of course the day is about you and your other half, but it’s also a huge day for your group of mates and sure there’s nothing better than dancing like nobody’s watching, in a great big white gown.

7. Let things go


It may rain, your car might get a flat tyre, your ringlets might drop and your mascara might run. Let it go. More than likely nothing will go wrong and anything that does won’t be noticed by anyone other than yourself. Try your very best not to get upset or stressed about anything out of your hands, think of it as just another story to tell the gals on the weddingsonline forums when you get home from honeymoon!

8. Be happy


Take a moment to stop and think about how far you’ve come, whether it’s getting through the last few months of planning, or finally finding ‘the one’ after years of searching or just to really appreciate this unique and huge day in your life. It’s nice to do this once a year anyway but in particular on such an important day. Congratulate yourself for getting to where you are in your life. Appreciate how lucky you are to have found your soul mate, and to be marrying them before the people you love.

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