Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Invitations And RSVPs

So today we’re breaking it down for you with absolutely everything you need to know about wedding invitations. We’re including RSVPs and websites in the mix too, so you’ve got the full package!  Read More »


Our Top Tips For Wedding Dress Shopping

Congratulations! You’ve began your wedding planning journey and you’re ready to find the perfect wedding dress – how exciting!  In todays post we’re going to share our top tips for making this journey as exciting and stress-free as possible. From … Read More »

Newly Engaged? Here’s What To Do First!

If you’re newly engaged, we’re breaking it down for you so you know what to do first! Read More »


An Intimate Wedding With a Mint Green and Gold Colour Theme

“Our wedding was intimate, with a Mint Green & Gold colour theme.” Read More »

Beautiful Seaside Venues in Munster

If you’re looking to tie the knot with ocean views in the background, a sea breeze to keep you cool and stunning photo ops, you’re in the right place. Munster boasts so many fabulous seaside venues that it’s hard to pick a favourite. Read More »


WOL Loves: Handsome Grooms Looks for 2022

Grooms getting married in 2022 are very lucky, the selection of wedding wear available is super stylish!  When it comes to choosing a wedding suit the options haven’t always been that expansive, but these days your guy can choose from … Read More »

How To Find Your Dream Wedding Dress

There are several options when it comes to sourcing your wedding dress, and depending on various factors such as budget, theme and venue, there is most definitely a dress out there to suit you! Read More »


5 Genius Wedding Photo Posing Tips

Lots of people feel anxious about how they will look in their wedding photos. If that’s you, our friends at PictionUs are sharing 5 genius wedding photo posing tips. Read More »

Fresh Blue Colour Palette Ideas With Bridgerton Vibes

The romantic appeal of the Regency era portrayed in Bridgerton has proved a huge hit with brides! Whether you’re obsessed with the series or not, the Bridgerton blue is an easy colour to fall in love with. From the elegant … Read More »


How To Facilitate Family Photos At Your Wedding

A stress-free way to gather stunning family photos on your Big Day! Read More »

How to Choose Your Bridesmaids

It’s time to choose your bridesmaids! Easy right? Hmm not so much. For some people, the choice is obvious and it’s an easy decision. For others, there are many factors to consider and it’s an overwhelming task. Read More »


Stunning Seaside Venues in Leinster

If you’re looking to tie the knot with ocean views in the background, a sea breeze to keep you cool and stunning photo ops, you’re in the right place. Leinster boasts so many fabulous seaside venues that it’s hard to pick a favourite. Take a peek at our list and you’ll know what we mean… Read More »

A Black Gothic Wedding With a ‘Til Death’ Theme

“We loved the toned down gothic style and decided that “‘Til death” would be a fitting theme, black being the main colour. We both wanted the black tie feel without the formality. Our styles aren’t very conventional so we just chose things we liked rather than people pleasing.” Read More »


Simple Tips For Saving For Your Wedding

Saving money, not the most exciting of wedding planning tasks but a hugely important one! If you are paying for all of your day, or at least most of it, saving is the best option. Today we’ve got simple tips … Read More »

How to Have an Unplugged Wedding

Thinking of going social media-free on your Big Day? Here’s how you can pull off an unplugged wedding! Read More »


WOL Loves: 18 Gorgeous New Season Bridal Gowns

We love a new season! And new season bridal gowns, well, we love that even more! If you’re at the stage where you’re ready to begin the search for your perfect wedding dress, let us begin the inspiration. Today we’ve … Read More »

Nine Pretty Bouquets Featuring Ranunculus

It’s not only summer brides who have the best variety of beautiful flowers to choose from, spring brides have ranunculus! These multi layered beauties are in season, and at their most fabulous, from December until mid May. Available in a … Read More »


How To Keep Yourself Sane While Wedding Planning

If you’re wondering how to keep yourself sane while wedding planning, we’ve got you covered! Read More »

I’m Engaged! What Should I Do First?

It can all get a little bit overwhelming and you’re probably asking yourself ‘What should I do first?’. Well, we are here to give you a list of your very first steps after getting engaged.  Read More »


WOL Loves: The Bow Trend For 2022 Weddings

Beyonce sang about putting a ring on it but we’re here to tell you in 2022 you need to put a bow on it!  There’s something very charming and romantic about a simple bow, and in 2022 you are sure … Read More »

10 Show-Stopping Gowns From 2021 Real Weddings

As we wave goodbye to 2021 and welcome 2022 in with a positive attitude, today we can’t help but look back at the gorgeous bridal gowns our brides wore this past year.  From satin ballgowns to illusion necklines, there was … Read More »


Here’s Why You Should Consider a Bridal Boudoir Shoot

A bridal boudoir shoot involves the bride posing for intimate photos with a professional photographer. This is a tasteful shoot, where the bride can wear lingerie or other sexy attire. The poses are often very playful and sensual, but classy.  Read More »

Nine Helpful Posts To Kick Start Your Wedding Planning

Congratulations! We’re really looking forward to welcoming you to the wonderful world of wedding planning! At Weddings Online we hope to advise and inspire you throughout your wedding planning journey. Todays post will help you get off to the best … Read More »


“No Children” Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

How do you politely tell guests the little ones are not invited? We get it, you don’t want to offend anyone. We’ve got some fabulous “No children” wedding invitation wording ideas to help you out here.  Read More »

Wedding Expenses You Might Not Be Prepared For

We’ve created a list of all the wedding expenses you might not be prepared for, so you can factor them in!  Read More »


Our Favourite Wedding Photos From This Year [Part Three]

December has us feeling sentimental, so we’ve been looking back at our favourite wedding photos from this year. Read More »

Five Fabulous Festive Wedding Bouquets

Christmas is a magical time to get married. The festive season adds extra sparkle and magic to an already exciting celebration – and who doesn’t need two celebrations in one?! If you’re a bride to be, as well as all … Read More »


Traditions to Ditch for Your Same-Sex Wedding

We’ve picked six traditions to ditch for your same-sex wedding. We’ve told you where these traditions come from and added alternatives too! Read More »

Sweet Christmas Treats Your Guests Will Love

Weddings are always special occasions to be celebrated, but a Christmas wedding has a whole extra level of magic attached! Amongst the yule-tide cheer and boughs of holly, a Christmas wedding can be styled and themed in so many ways. … Read More »


How to Write the ‘About Us’ Part of Your Wedding Website

If you’re feeling stuck and unsure how to even begin with the ‘About Us’ part of your wedding website, keep on reading.  Read More »

In-Season Winter Flowers For Your Wedding Day

Winter mightn’t be know for having super vibrant and bright blooms, the weather is colder and wetter after all, but there are plenty of flowers still in season! Whether you want a winter white day, festive and full of gorgeous … Read More »


This is What Wedding Guests Actually Care About

We’ve listed three things that wedding guests actually care about as well as three things they won’t even notice. You may be surprised, but we hope that by the time you’ve gotten to the bottom, you feel excited to plan your wedding!  Read More »

Our Favourite Wedding Photos From This Year [Part Two]

December has us feeling sentimental, so we’ve been looking back at our favourite wedding photos from this year. Read More »


Sparkly Bridesmaids Dresses For The Festive Season

One way to add festive cheer to your Christmas wedding is with sparkly bridesmaid dresses! Winter is the perfect season to add extra shimmer and sparkle to your day, and that’s exactly what we have of you today. First up, … Read More »

WOL Loves: 10 Beautiful Bridal Gowns For 2022

Isn’t it mad that 2022 is only a couple of weeks away?! If you’re tying the knot next year we hope you’ve a pretty good handle on your planning and especially your bridal gown. But, if you’re still on the … Read More »


Things Your Bridesmaids Should Carry For You

Not sure what to do with your phone or lipstick? Here’s our list of things your bridesmaids should carry for you!  Read More »

8 Things Not To Forget When Planning Your Wedding

The list of things to choose and book when you are planning your wedding can extend to a very long list! So it’s little surprise that there may be one or two details, or even ten that you might forget, … Read More »


Beautiful Mother-Son Dance Songs For The Special Moment

Whenever the couple gets to honour their parents in some way, we just feel all the feels. So today we are listing our favourite mother-son dance songs. Read More »

A Handy List of Groomsmen Duties for the Wedding

Not sure what your groomsmen duties are? We’ve made a helpful list for you! Read More »


Our Favourite Wedding Photos From This Year [Part One]

December has us feeling sentimental, so we’ve been looking back at our favourite wedding photos from this year. Read More »

Wedding Planning Stress and How To Beat It

With the right tools, a wedding supplier dream team, and expert advice, you can beat wedding planning stress! Read More »


WOL Loves: Winter Weddings Do’s & Don’ts

If you’re planning a winter wedding it’s vital you think about the season and the extra things you’ll need to do for an enjoyable day. Today we hope to help you out with a handy list of things to do, … Read More »

Here’s What 2021 Couples Loved About Their Wedding Ceremony

Wondering how to create a gorgeous wedding ceremony filled with intimate, personal moments? Well, here’s what 2021 couples loved about their wedding ceremony. Read More »


Ten Pretty Bridesmaid Proposal Cards

Asking your closest friends to be your bridesmaid is one pretty important milestone in your friendship! Whilst there are lots of creative ways to ask your girl to be your bridesmaid, there’s something simple, classic and personal about writing a … Read More »

Unique Guestbook Ideas For Your Winter Wedding

One wedding tradition most couples include in their day is the guestbook. Following the celebration couples will have fun looking back at all the special messages their guests left for them. This is why it’s a great ideate encourage your … Read More »


Wedding Thank You Cards | Everything You Need to Know

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the task of writing wedding thank you cards, we’ve gathered some helpful tips, to-dos and some wording examples too. Read More »

A Rustic, Vintage Style Theme Wedding

“I always knew I wanted to go with a rustic, vintage style theme. The Anglers Rest was a ready made perfect spot and needed very little extras from us to make it feel complete which is exactly what I wanted amongst all the uncertainty at the time!” Read More »


2022 Wedding Trends We’re Obsessed With

Next year will see lots of bows, bright colours and Bridgerton. We can’t wait! Take a look at these 2022 wedding trends and you’ll see why we’re so obsessed. Read More »

Sweet Decisions: How To Choose Your Wedding Cake

The tastiest part of your wedding day is surely the wedding cake, no?!  Not only should it be tasty, your cake should look fabulous and work cohesively with your reception, and overall theme and colours. From choosing how it should … Read More »


Beautiful Bridal Looks Spotted in Our Real Weddings

While scrolling through all the romantic stories, we spotted so many beautiful bridal looks that we couldn’t resist sharing them with you. Read More »

Brilliant Wedding Advice From These 2021 Couples

If you’re engaged and planning your own wedding, the best place to get wedding advice is from couples who have just tied the knot. Read More »


A Cosy Christmas Winter Wedding

“Well our wedding theme was a summer wedding initially. However Covid happened, and we delayed our wedding & ultimately changed the theme to become a Christmas winter wedding.” Read More »

Here’s How Couples Can Save Hundreds On Their Wedding This Black Friday

It’s Black Friday and we are excited to share with you how you can save hundreds on your wedding! Read More »


9 Luxurious Velvet Wedding Details

Winter weddings call for a touch of velvet! The luxurious texture works beautifully in jewel tones as well as dusky shades of grey, off white and pastel pink. If you’re planning a winter wedding with sumptuous style, you’re going to … Read More »

Should I Have A Wedding Party?

If you’re on the non-traditional side, you’ve probably asked yourself: Should I have a wedding party? And to be honest, we don’t blame you for asking this! Read More »


WOL Loves: 10 Grooms Buttonholes For Winter

Tiny little pieces of art that’s what carefully created buttonholes, or boutonnières, are! Most brides will choose to carry the theme and colour scheme of the day through to the buttonholes, keeping in line with the bouquets. For a rustic … Read More »

Our Favourite Interactive Hen Party Experiences

If interactive hen party experiences are what you’re in the mood for, we’ve got you covered! Read More »


A Helpful Guide To Wedding Dress Silhouettes

Do you know the difference between fit and flare and mermaid, or are wedding dress silhouettes a mystery to you? Before you begin the search for your perfect wedding gown, knowing the silhouettes is a great idea. Today we are … Read More »

Upbeat Wedding Songs to Get Your Guests on the Dancefloor

We’ve created a list of our favourite upbeat wedding songs we know you’ll love! These songs will have your guests singing along and dancing all night! What more could you want? Read More »


Humanist Weddings – What Are They & Why Have One?

There are so many different types of wedding ceremonies and ways to celebrate your wedding! You’ll see lots of beautiful humanist weddings here on weddingsonline and you might be wondering what they are. Read More »

Why We Chose Our Wedding Venue – 13 Couples Tell All

If you’re on the hunt for a wedding venue, this post is sure to help you! We’ve spoken with 13 couples who reveal why they chose their wedding venues. Take a peek into what made them say yes to their dream venue.  Read More »


A Beautiful Garden Wedding Centred Around Family

“t was absolutely beautiful, outside in the garden in the Clanard Court Hotel. It was 30 degrees that day (the hottest day in Ireland in the last 15 years).” Read More »

Six Memorable Wedding Day Scents For The Bride

Recognisable scents can instantly transport you back to a fabulous memory, so why not choose a really special perfume to wear on your wedding day? Last week we shared six sophisticated scents for the groom, you can see them here, so … Read More »


Things You Should Definitely Discuss Before Marriage

We’ve created a list of things you should definitely discuss before marriage. Some of the topics may be difficult, but it is so important to begin your marriage in a place of trust and honesty. Read More »

WOL Loves: Gorgeous Gold For Your Maids

’Tis the season for all things gold! What better way to dress your girls than in head to toe gorgeous gold, or with little hints of this warming tone throughout their accessories.  Of course, you will be the star on … Read More »


14 Awesome Ways to Entertain Your Wedding Guests

Whether you are opting for an interactive snacking experience, photo opportunities or a spectacular fireworks display, we’ve got you covered. Our list of ways to entertain your wedding guests has everything you’ll need!  Read More »

On Trend: Neon Wedding Signage

Move over fancy scripted signage, the latest decor detail couples are loving is neon wedding signage. We could not be more in love with this modern twist to weddings for 2022! From adding attitude to your wedding cake table, displaying … Read More »


Wedding Seating: How To Choose Where Your Guests Will Sit

Once you’ve invited all your guests and you know who’s coming, it’s time to plan your wedding seating. How on earth do you decide where everybody is going to sit? Read More »

WOL Awards 2022 – Let’s Get Voting!

That’s right, the countdown to WOL Awards 2022 has begun! The voting stage is now open and this is your chance to have your say. Read More »


How to Plan Your Wedding Without Going Insane

If you’d like to plan your wedding on your own, we’ve got some expert tips for you! Read More »

Where To Find: Fabulous Wedding Florists

Whether you are after something classically beautiful, something more wild and boho, or something in between, our list of fabulous wedding florists is sure to tick the box! Read More »


Weekday Weddings – Here’s Why You Should Consider Having One!

With popular dates, like Saturdays in Summer, filling up quickly, lots of couples are opting for weekday weddings!  Read More »

WOL Loves: Christmas Wedding Guestwear With A Party Vibe

Winter is pretty much here whether we like it or not, and that means Christmas celebrations are just around the corner! Thankfully, Christmas 2021 will look a lot different to last year and many of us will be looking forward … Read More »


Six Grooms Scents For The Wedding Day

The scent you wear on your wedding day will bring back happy memories for years to come so why not treat yourself to a really iconic one. Today we have six sophisticated scents for your wedding day that will suit … Read More »

Same Sex Wedding Ceremony Script Ideas We Love

Things like “I now pronounce you man and wife” only make sense for some couples. We’ve gathered some beautiful same sex wedding ceremony script ideas to suit all couples. Read More »


Fabulous Food Trucks and Drinks Vans For Your Wedding

Over here at weddingsonline HQ, we love exploring creative ways to serve food and drinks at weddings. And what could be better than fabulous food trucks and drinks vans?! Read More »

How To Look After Your Wedding Dress Before The Big Day

Many brides plan to hang their wedding dress in a cupboard and come back to it on the Big Day! But, there are a few steps in between and some very helpful and practical things you can do to avoid damaging your dress unintentionally. Read More »


A Fairytale Disney Theme Wedding

“Well it was only fitting we had a Disney theme wedding as I am a Disney fanatic and because of where we got engaged.” Read More »

20 Things to do 30 Days Before Your Wedding

With just 30 days before your wedding, we’ve got a list of 20 things you should do. This list will keep you sane! Read More »


8 Fun Themes For Your Wedding Reception

Are you searching for a fun theme to add personality to your wedding reception? We might have the perfect suggestions for you today!  Whilst your ceremony is the business end of your wedding day, your reception is the perfect opportunity … Read More »

Unity Ceremony Ideas For Your Big Day

As two become one, you may be looking for a special way to demonstrate your love and commitment. A unity ceremony is a fabulous way of personalising this very special and significant commitment. Read More »


WOL Loves: Ronald Joyce Signature Collection

Classic brides, this one is for you! Today we have a selection of the latest Ronald Joyce signature collection for your pleasure.  Inspired by the latest trends from the catwalk, Ronald Joyce is known for classic, traditional and elegant wedding … Read More »

5 Couples Share Why They Hired a Wedding Planner

There are tons of reasons why professional help from a wedding planner is priceless, but instead of me laying them out for you, I’ll let some real-life couples do the talking… Read More »


Tips for a Great Grooms Speech

For some grooms writing and delivering their wedding day speech is a very scary prospect. And we get it! If public speaking isn’t your bag, standing in front of your nearest and dearest can be very very scary. One way … Read More »

Magical Disney Love Songs For Your Wedding

Whether you are obsessed with Disney or not, there’s no doubt that there’s something very romantic and magical about Disney love songs. Read More »


The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist

We’ve created the ultimate wedding planning checklist to help you stay on track with your wedding planning. Bookmark this post and keep coming back to it while planning your wedding. Read More »

A Rustic, Garden Theme Wedding With Bright Pink and Purple Flowers

“For our wedding we were going for a more rustic, garden theme with bright pink and purple flowers. We were planning to get married in the outdoor celebration garden.” Read More »


13 Amazing Wedding Gowns We’re Swooning Over

This seasons latest wedding gowns are amazing, like, seriously amazing! Today we’re having a little look around some of our fabulous Irish bridal boutiques. We’ve chosen some of the most striking gowns that have the prettiest details, because we all … Read More »

Make Your Guests Giggle With These Funny Wedding Vows

We’ve gathered some funny wedding vows that are guaranteed to get your partner and your guests giggling! Read More »


WOL Loves: Winter Mother of the Bride Outfits

Your wedding day is a huge celebration for parents, so of course they will want to look their best! Whilst most Dads will wear the same suits as the Grooms party, Mothers of the Bride and Grooms get to have … Read More »

Music Bingo from Star DJs – Wedding Day Entertainment Everybody Will Love!

We’ve seen all sorts of brilliant ways to make guests laugh and have fun and today we’d like to introduce you to one more: Music Bingo. Read More »


Irish Couples Getting Married Abroad – Everything You Need to Know

What do you do if you’re getting married abroad? Each country has its own rules and regulations so it can be very complicated, especially if there’s a language barrier.  Read More »

13 Sweet & Stylish Cake Stands

If you’ve chosen a simple and stylish wedding cake but fancy adding a pretty touch, look no further than a decorative cake stand. Perfect for your wedding day and for years to come -imagine using it for every celebration in … Read More »


Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas for the Offbeat Bride

Kind of obsessed with these non-traditional wedding ideas! Read More »

A Romantic Wedding All About Love and Time and Everything White

The theme for the wedding was all about love and time and everything white. This included Amanda’s dress and matching bouquet and their cake! Read More »


Celebrants and Solemnisers – What Do They Do?

Have you ever wondered what celebrants and solemnisers do? There is a difference between the types of people who can legally marry you and those who can host a non-legally-binding ceremony. Read More »

9 Tips For A Successful Engagement Photoshoot

Having an engagement photoshoot is a great idea, for lots of reasons. Today we’ve nine ideas to help you make the most of yours.  1. Consider it the perfect chance to get to know your photographer and get comfortable in … Read More »


Rustic Wedding Inspiration As Seen In Our Real Weddings

Our real wedding features are full of gorgeous stories filled with rustic wedding inspiration. Burlap and lace, buttercream cakes, wooden details, shades of pink, green and neutrals… rustic weddings have it all!  Read More »

The weddingsonline Official Guidebook for Covid Wedding Advice

So we’ve put all our expert Covid wedding advice here for you to browse through. You’ll want to bookmark this page and keep coming back!  Read More »


WOL Loves: ‘Sister’ Bridesmaid Collection from Halfpenny London

“I love the word Sister. It could mean family but it could also mean your best friend or your wing woman. You’ve got her back, she’s got yours… and we’ve got both of you!” Kate Halfpenny  Recently launched the Sister … Read More »

Our Favourite Outdoor Ceremony Spaces

Today we are celebrating our favourite outdoor ceremony spaces! All across Ireland, you’ll find beautiful spots to say ‘I do’. No matter how you would describe your wedding style, there’s something here for everyone… Read More »


Planning A Destination Wedding – Our Top Tips

The lure of a sun-drenched wedding ceremony is very appealing to lots of Irish couples, and who can blame them! If you’ve been thinking of jumping on a plane to say your I Do’s todays post will help you get … Read More »

Thoughtful Gestures Your Guests Will Appreciate

Thoughtful gestures can be little things like a flip flop basket full of ‘dancing shoes’ for the ladies so they can kick off their heels come dance floor time when the feet get tired. Read More »


Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas for Sustainability-Conscious Couples

Sustainability-conscious couples are looking for eco-friendly wedding ideas to make sure their Big Day has ethics at the heart. If that’s you, take a look at these practical ideas you can try. Read More »

Where to Find: Hairstylists in Ulster

In this list below, we are featuring fabulous hairstylists who can make you look and feel like the queen you are! Take a peek below at these stunning hairstylists in Ulster… Read More »


Your Wedding Video – Here’s Five Reasons You Need One!

A great videographer will tell the story of your wedding day through the tears, laughter, cheers and all the emotions. Luckily for you we have plenty of amazing ones to choose from, just follow this link and settle down to … Read More »

Beautiful Wedding Ceremony Songs For Your Big Day

Take a look at these fab musicians performing beautiful wedding ceremony songs! Read More »


Adorable Winter Flower Girl Inspiration

Weddings during the cold winter months can be tough for little ones in your bridal party. Today we’ve gone on the hunt for winter inspiration for flower girls, and we think we’ve found the cutest solutions to staying warm! It’s … Read More »

The Countdown to WOL Awards 2022 Has Begun!

We’re expecting the WOL Awards 2022 to be even better, after everything we’ve been through with Covid-19, lockdown and restrictions on weddings and celebrations. Read More »


Cosy Chicks: Long Sleeve Bridesmaids Dresses We Adore

Long sleeve wedding dresses are always a popular choice for autumn and winter brides, but have you considered them for your bridesmaids? They are the perfect option for the cooler months and will save you having to invest in cover-up … Read More »

Celebrating The Station House Hotel’s New Refurbishment

The Station House Hotel, owned and managed by the Slattery family for the last 40 years, has undergone a complete refurbishment over the last two years and has just unveiled its beautiful Carriage Suite. Read More »


Wedding Traditions You Can Ditch (if you want to!)

When it comes to weddings, there are very few things that you have to do. Today I’d like to break the myth about three wedding traditions that you can totally ditch (if you want to!). Read More »

Things You Can DIY For Your Wedding (And Four Things You Really Shouldn’t!)

Taking on some fun DIY projects is a highlight for many couples! There are also a few things that we highly recommend you leave up to the pros. Read More »


Where to Find: Wedding Suits in Ireland

Today we’re talking about wedding suits! Whether you’re after a modern look, a classic three-piece suit, something with a vintage feel, or something totally unique and quirky, you’ll find something amazing here… Read More »

Fancy Giving a Brides Speech? You’ll Love These Tips!

It’s time to throw tradition out the window and speak from the heart! Today we’re saying yes to a brides speech and giving you all the hints and tips on having fun and making it memorable.  The simple fact is, … Read More »


Our Favourite Couples Halloween Costume Ideas for 2021

Whether you choose to be scary, cute or clever, these couples Halloween costume ideas will give you some inspiration! Read More »

WOL Loves: Elegant & Romantic Wedding Styling

Are you a girly girl? Do you imagine lush blooms with a romantic style for your wedding day? Todays inspiration combines sophisticated blooms in shades of pink with a modern appeal, perfect for an ultra romantic day.  Pink is one … Read More »


How to Register Intent to Marry in Ireland

A helpful checklist of what to do to register intent to marry in Ireland. Read More »

With This Ring – Incredible Wedding Bands You’re Going To Love (Forever!)

Your wedding ring plays a huge part in your wedding day, and for every day of married life after, so choosing the perfect one for you is very important. For the bride, the wedding ring needs to complement the engagement … Read More »


4 Simple Ways to Prepare for Marriage and Not Just the Wedding

Consider how much time you are spending preparing for your wedding compared to the amount of time you’re spending preparing for marriage. We’ve put together a short list of some very practical things you can do to prepare for marriage. Read More »

How This One Site Can Help Your Wedding Planning

I’d like to introduce you to the one site that can help you with ALL your wedding planning tasks. It’s a bit of a one-stop-shop for everything wedding-related, and you will thank me for this. Read More »


Wedding Planning: How to Avoid Awkward Gaps of Time

If you have ever attended a wedding, you’ll know that the worst thing you can experience is long, awkward gaps of time where you’ve got nothing to do. Read More »

Wedding on a Budget? Here’s a Money Saving Tip!

This genius tip will save you money! Read More »


9 Fabulous Groom’s Looks From Real Life Weddings

We’ve one for the boys today! Very often grooms don’t really have a solid idea of how they want to dress on their wedding day – enter, real weddings, the perfect place to gather inspiration from!  We’ve been having a look … Read More »

WOL Loves: Vera Wang Bride

One of the most influential and famous bridal designers of all time, Vera Wang, has recently launched a brand new collection within the Pronovias group. Named Vera Wang Bride the collection of 70 gowns brings you unique designs featuring allure, … Read More »


Where to Find: Wedding Makeup Artists in Ireland

Wedding makeup artists know just how much makeup is needed to keep you glowing throughout the day and looking stunning in your photos too! Read More »

Gorgeous Irish Hotel Wedding Venues You’ll Love

Ireland boasts many jaw-dropping hotel wedding venues and it can feel hard to choose between them all! Today, we’re showing off some of our favourites. Read More »


Wedding Venue Questions You Should Ask

We have created a detailed list of all the wedding venue questions you should ask before and during your venue visit.  Read More »

A Musical Wedding With a Greatest Showman Theme

Siobhán and Gavin had an amazing spiritual ceremony with a Greatest Showman theme. They had a piano play, a real fire lit in the background, and their celebrant, Michele Feeney, also sang! Read More »


How to Make the Most of Your Wedding Photos

I will always advise couples to book a professional wedding photographer to capture their Big Day. But is there more to making the most of your wedding photos than who you hire? Yes, there is!  Read More »

Nine Pairs of Fabulous Flat Shoes For Dancing!

Do you fancy being dancefloor ready on your wedding day?! A pair of fabulous flats is what you’ll be needing then!  We’re going to let you in on a little secret – wearing flats is a practical choice, especially if … Read More »


What Suppliers Do You Need For Your Wedding?

If you are newly engaged, you may be asking: What suppliers do you need for your wedding? Well, you’re in the right place. Read More »

WOL Loves: The Morilee Signature Collection

The Morilee Signature Collection features fresh takes on classic bridal styles. Designer Madeline Gardner creates magic with iconic A-lines, flowing ball gowns and stunning contoured mermaid silhouettes. Bridal perfection is found in the stunning details of delicate laces, intricate embroidery … Read More »


Weddings Are About People

Weddings are about people! Couple Photography tells us some of the parts of the day that just always makes her happy. Read More »

Romantic Floral Crowns For Autumn

I adore a floral crown, so much so I wore one on my own wedding day. And made my girls wear one too! To me they are utterly romantic and give the bride a little touch of whimsy to her … Read More »


Where to Find: Unique Wedding Venues in Leinster

Rustic barns, courtyard lodges, picturesque scenery, old castles and historical ruins. Leinster has it all! If you’re looking for unique wedding venues, take a peek at the list below… Read More »

What Wedding Photos Do You Actually Need?

Trying to work out exactly which wedding photos you need? We’ve created a list of potential photos you might want to have captured on your Big Day. Read More »


Intimate Family Centred Wedding on Their 20 Year Anniversary

“We wanted a relaxing, chilled day with family and friends. Many had not seen each other in months or even longer because of the Covid pandemic! We got married on the 20 year anniversary of our meeting, hence the date of the wedding.” Read More »

Mouthwatering Wedding Cakes that Look Great too

I love mouthwatering wedding cakes! I fully believe that a wedding cake should look stunning but also taste incredible. Read More »


8 Reasons We’re Looking Forward To Autumn Weddings

You might be surprised to know that not overly long ago autumn weddings were not very popular – thankfully this has changed and couples are embracing this wonderful season to wed! We love an autumn wedding at Weddings Online – … Read More »

Wedding Gifts – How to Ask Politely

We’ve rounded up some ways to ask politely when it comes to wedding gifts and financial contributions. Spoiler: they all invite cute poems, because how can you be offended when poetry is involved?! Read More »


WOL Loves: Embellished Bridal Gowns

If you want to add a real touch of luxury to your wedding day, you won’t get much more luxurious than a stunning embellished bridal gown. For the glam lovers, gowns covered in beading, sequins and sparkle are very popular for … Read More »

Where to Find: Wedding DJs in Ireland

Now that we’ve got the thumbs up on dancing again, it’s time to find the perfect wedding DJs to bring your wedding party to life. Read More »


Super Cute Page Boy Signs

Bring some (lots!) of cuteness and personality to your wedding day with a super cute little page boy and a quirky wedding sign.  From simple signage declaring you are on your way to really personal messages to the groom at … Read More »

Post-Wedding Blues and How to Prevent Them

Are you feeling down after your Big Day? Well, it could be the post-wedding blues! If this is you, this post is just for you.  Read More »


Wedding Sweet Treats That Are Also Covid-Safe

We recently explored some really practical things you can do to keep your guests feel comfortable and safe throughout your wedding. One really simple thing you can do is serve sweet treats that are also Covid-safe. Read More »

Where to Find: Photo Booths and Selfie Mirrors

We love photo booths and selfie mirrors because there are so many uses for them! It’s a wonderful way to entertain your guests, they serve as wedding favours and a guest book, and you’ll get great quality photos of all your guests having fun.  Read More »


How To Measure Your Girls For Their Bridesmaid Dresses

These days it’s not always possible to have your bridesmaids at your disposal every time you need them. Yes, it would be great if they were just up the road and available for every dress appointment and fitting, but your … Read More »

WOL Loves: Simple & Elegant Wedding Cakes

Your wedding cake will be the centre piece of your reception and will be photographed a lot by your guests when you stand for the famous cut the cake photo! From multi-tiered and elaborate to a simple one tiered beauty, … Read More »


How to Create Your Wedding Guest List in 10 Steps

The title of this post was going to be: How to create your wedding guest list in 10 easy steps. But, I realised that there’s nothing easy about choosing who will and won’t attend your wedding! Read More »

Perfect Last Dance Songs to End Your Wedding

You’ve probably already considered the big ones but there is one wedding song moment that often gets forgotten. That is the last dance! This is the moment you’re about to say goodbye and you want to have one last hurrah with your loved ones. Last dance songs provide that perfect atmosphere.  Read More »


The Three People You Should Take Wedding Dress Shopping

You don’t want to be confused by conflicting opinions! So, here are some people you should take wedding dress shopping. We’ve made a list of three people to consider… Read More »

A Dusty Pink Wedding With a Vintage Theme

“We went with a relaxed vintage theme for decor with a colour theme of dusty pink. We didn’t want anything too “done” or “matchy” fitting in with the relaxed feel we hoped to achieve on the day.” Read More »


Our Favourite Movies to Watch During a Wedding Planning Session

If you’re feeling stressed about wedding planning, put your feet up and watch these movies while tackling items on your to-do list. Read More »

Post-Covid Weddings: How to Make Your Guests Feel Comfortable

There are a few really smart and thoughtful ways you can make your guests feel comfortable before and during your Big Day. From clear communication to a creative colour-coded band system, we’ve got you covered! Read More »


Where to Get Your Wedding Dress Cleaned or Altered

Having your wedding dress cleaned or altered requires a professional service, unlike anything you’d use for your regular wardrobe. The fabulous suppliers we are showing off today are experts in cleaning, altering and preserving wedding dresses. Read More »

Magnificent Bridgerton-Themed Wedding Ideas

The fabulous events, the beautiful flowers and the romantic music. If you are wanting to add a nod to the show or go for a full on Bridgerton-themed wedding, I’ve got something for you. Read More »


A Dreamy Wedding With a Rustic Theme

“Initially we didn’t really have a theme but in the end, you could say it was slightly rustic. We made a lot of decor ourselves. Pallets with personalised decals and flowers for our welcome to our wedding sign, a pallet and frames for our table plan and glass tea light holders and rustic wood for the table numbers.” Read More »

Glamorous Great Gatsby Wedding Inspiration as Seen in Real Weddings

Ladies and gents, we’re heading back to the roaring 20’s for some glamorous Great Gatsby wedding inspiration! This time around, instead of scouring Pinterest, we’re showing off these dazzling ideas from real weddings planned by real couples. Read More »


Wedding Planning Hacks From Real Life Couples

We asked real life couples to share their wedding planning hacks and they delivered! Read More »

Your Guide to the Best Wedding Cars in Ireland

We’ve gathered the best wedding cars in Ireland. There are vintage classics, modern cars, cars available for self-drive, and cars that come with a chauffeur. We’ve got bright red and blue, classic white and gold, and everything in between. Read More »


Spectacular Destination Wedding Locations For Every Style

After lockdown and multiple postponements and restrictions all over the world, couples are itching to travel! You may even be considering a destination wedding, and we don’t blame you. Read More »

Fabulous Something Borrowed Ideas

It’s said that your Something Borrowed is one way to have someone else’s good fortune rub off on you. So, select a married couple and ask if you could borrow something. Read More »


The Absolute Best Wedding Venues in Clare

If you are sifting through wedding venues in Clare, we’re here to narrow it down for you with the absolute best! Read More »

A Rustic and Modern Wedding With Blush Pink and Ivory

“Our wedding was relaxed, stress-free, rustic and modern. We had a colour theme of blush pink and ivory.” Read More »


Inappropriate Songs to Avoid For Your Wedding

We’ve created a list of inappropriate songs to avoid for your wedding! Surprisingly, all of these are popular wedding songs. Once you glance at the lyrics, you’ll know why they’re on the list… Read More »

5 Brilliant Ways to Personalise Your Wedding

With wedding season full of stunning weddings, you might be looking for fabulous ways to personalise your wedding. There are plenty of ways to add a personal touch to your wedding. Read More »


The Very Best Wedding Venues in Kerry, Ireland

There is something for every style, so if you are searching for wedding venues in Kerry, you’ll find what you’re looking for.  Read More »

How to Make Hand Sanitiser Look Cute for Your Wedding

If you’re concerned that displaying hand sanitiser can look like you’re getting married in a medical facility, well, we’re here to help you out. There are a few creative ways to make hand sanitiser look cute for your wedding!  Read More »


Sweet and Personal Details for Your Virtual Wedding

There’s no reason your virtual wedding celebration can’t be just as fun, interactive and special as the ‘real thing’. It’s all in the details! Read More »

A Chilled Purple, Lilac and Ivory Wedding in Summer Time

“Our wedding was very chilled and laid back. Luckily for us, the sun was shining and we got to make the most of the outdoors. Our colour theme was purple, lilac and ivory. We had flowers, lanterns and used the beautiful scenery as our backdrop.” Read More »


Where to Buy Plus Size Wedding Dresses in Ireland

You should be able to find a gorgeous wedding dress that makes you look and feel your absolute best. Well, with these fabulous Irish wedding dress suppliers, that’s exactly what will happen. Take a peek at where to buy plus size wedding dresses in Ireland… Read More »

Wedding Makeup Artists in Leinster, Ireland

In this list below, we are featuring fabulous makeup artists who can make you look and feel like the queen you are! Take a peek below at these stunning makeup artists in Leinster. Read More »


Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Dress Shopping

If you’ve never been wedding dress shopping before, you may have lots of questions. I’m here to answer them for you! Read More »

A Relaxed Summer Wedding With 25 Guests

“We had a fantastic day with 25 people. It was really relaxed and enjoyable. Our florist, The Tangled Bramble, put together beautiful bouquets with pinks, blues and purple which was really summery and beautiful.” Read More »


Our Favourite Wedding Hair Stylists in Leinster

We’re showing off their incredible work, so if you are looking for wedding hair stylists in Leinster, take a peek… Read More »

Our Favourite Makeup Artists in Connacht

We know that looking and feeling your absolute best on your Big Day is a top priority. And that’s why we’ve created a list of our favourite makeup artists in Connacht. Read More »


A Scaled-Back Covid Celebration With Close Friends and Family

“We wanted the day to be as relaxed as possible and to feel like a celebration, despite the uncertainty around the public health situation. The most important thing to us was that our families and some of our closest friends could be there to share the day.” Read More »

Sweet Ways to Add Your ‘Something Blue’ to Your Wedding

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence for your Shoe… We’ve all heard the rhyme but where does it come from? Read More »


Wedding Beauty Treatments and Where to Get them in Ireland

Today we are talking about wedding beauty treatments. More than just your at-home facial or the mani and pedi you’ll get right before the Big Day. Read More »

Love Island Hen Party Ideas You Can Crack On With

If your bestie is a fan of the show, why not incorporate some fabulous Love Island hen party ideas into her celebrations. Read More »


Super Fun Bridal Shower Activities Besides Opening Gifts

If you’re in the planning stages and you’ve run out of ideas, we’ve got some fun bridal shower activities for you!  Read More »

Gorgeous Irish Wedding Venues With a Chapel

Today we are showing off gorgeous Irish wedding venues with a chapel! What could be more romantic? Read More »


An Elegant and Simple Summer Time Wedding

The happy couple wanted an elegant and simple theme, highlighting their love more than anything else. Read More »

Is It OK to Keep Gifts from Uninvited Wedding Guests?

You’ve already had to have those awkward conversations, telling your loved ones they are no longer invited. But there’s one more question on your mind: Is it OK to keep gifts from uninvited wedding guests?  Read More »


Our Favourite Wedding Venues in Cork

If you’re on the hunt for gorgeous wedding venues in Cork, you’re in the right place. Read More »

How Can I Best Look After My Wedding Dress?

You’ve bought your dream wedding dress, congratulations! Now you’re probably asking: How can I best look after my wedding dress? Read More »


Creative Date Night Ideas For All Budgets

If you’ve been together for a number of years, you might find that you’re running out of creative date night ideas. We’ve got you covered! Read More »

How to Get Ready on Your Wedding Day

If you have no idea where to start, we’d love to tell you how to get ready on your wedding day. Take a peek at our five expert tips! Read More »


Toast Starters, Other Than “For anyone who doesn’t know me”

These toast starters are here to prevent you from using the dreaded six words: “For anyone who doesn’t know me.” Read More »

How to Choose Your Wedding Dress

If you have no clue how to choose your wedding dress, you are in the right place! Today we’re breaking it down for you. Read More »


Social Media Wedding Etiquette for Guests

There are lots of grey areas when it comes to social media wedding etiquette and you may have lots of questions! We’ve made a list of the unspoken rules… Read More »

Here’s What You Should Include in Your Wedding Invitation

Here’s a list of everything you should include in your wedding invitation! There’s a surprising amount to consider. Read More »


What to do if You Want to Fire a Bridesmaid

You may be asking yourself: Is it ok to fire a bridesmaid? In short, yes it’s ok. Take a peek at the steps we suggest. Read More »

Super Cute Engagement Announcement Ideas to Steal

You’re engaged! Here are our favourite engagement announcement ideas we think you’ll absolutely love. Feel free to steal one! Read More »


5 Ways to Get Your Guests to RSVP on Time

Frustrated that you’re chasing up guests who haven’t RSVPed? We’ve got 5 things you can do to get your guests to RSVP on time. Read More »

Wedding Etiquette for Guests: Do’s and Don’ts

We’ve made it easy for you by writing out the wedding etiquette for guests. That’s right, your do’s and dont’s are now visible and easy to understand. Read More »


10 of Our Fave Games For Your Wedding Reception

There’s something on this list for everyone. Take a peek at our epic list of games for your wedding reception… Read More »

Here’s What to Put on Your Bridal Shower Invitation

If you are not sure where to begin with the bridal shower invitation, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at our list of what to include. Read More »


15 Things Your Wedding Website Needs

So, you’ve got to create a wedding website and you don’t know where to start? Well, we’ve got this sorted for you. Read More »

An Intimate Covid Wedding With Blush Pink

“Our 2 girls were the most beautiful little flower girls wearing knee-length tulle skirt blush pink dresses.” Read More »


How to Write a Killer Maid of Honour Speech

You’ve been asked to deliver your Maid of Honour speech and you’ve got no idea where to start. Well, we’ve got you covered! Read More »

14 Fabulous Same-Sex Wedding Ideas

Not all of these ideas will be for everybody, but you’re bound to find something you love in this roundup of same-sex wedding ideas. Read More »


Our List of the Happiest Wedding Songs

Here’s our list of the happiest wedding songs! They’ll have your guests on the dancefloor in no time! Read More »

A Geeky Wedding With Touches of Emerald Green

“As we are both self-confessed nerds, there were many geeky elements throughout the day. The main colour of the day was emerald green to match Deirdre’s engagement ring. The bridesmaid dresses were emerald green that matched the leaf of Lorien pins that the groom, groomsmen, fathers, grooms woman all wore (from Lord of the rings).” Read More »


Wedding Faux Pas Couples Should Avoid

Today we’ve listed some wedding faux pas that you may not have even thought about. We’ve even offered some helpful suggestions of how to avoid these wedding faux pas and keep sane in the process.  Read More »

Real Wedding Vows Examples to Steal

Take a peek at our wedding vows examples below and feel free to plagiarise!  Read More »


Our Favourite Romantic Rose Wedding Bouquets

I think they are the perfect wedding bouquet flower. Yes, you heard me, rose wedding bouquets are a thing. Read More »

Fabulous Wedding Childcare in Dublin

You may be thinking about ways to entertain them. In today’s post, we’ve got a fabulous list of wedding childcare in Dublin. Read More »


How to Be the Best Maid of Honour Ever!

Your bestie has just asked you to be her Maid of Honour and you’ve said yes! Not sure what your responsibilities are? Well, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our guide to how you can be the best Maid of Honour ever… Read More »

Fabulous Hair Stylists in Munster, Ireland

Today we’re highlighting the most fabulous hair stylists in Munster. They are ready to meet you and make you look gorgeous!  Read More »


Wedding Colour Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

We’ve listed some common wedding colour mistakes and what you can do to avoid them. They’re all so simple, helpful and easy to implement.  Read More »

Unique Wedding Entertainment Everybody Will Love

We’ve compiled a list of fabulous Irish wedding suppliers who specialise in bringing incredible and unique wedding entertainment all over Ireland. Read More »


A Charming Engagement Shoot at the Botanical Gardens in Dublin

A beautiful engagement shoot at the Botanical Gardens in Dublin! Wonderfully captured by Sara Serpilli. Read More »

A Pared Back and Simple Covid Wedding

“Our wedding was very pared back and simple. Having had to reschedule due to Covid we wanted to keep it as fuss-free as possible.” Read More »


Your Wedding Emergency Kit Packing List

Look after your bestie on her Big Day with a wedding emergency kit filled with all the essentials. Here’s your list of things to include! Read More »

How to Prepare Your Mind, Body and Mental Health for Your Wedding

You want your day to be full of joy and happy memories, so now is the time to invest in your mind, body and mental health. Read More »


A Relaxed Engagement Shoot in the Mountains of Monaghan

A gorgeous engagement shoot to celebrate Louise and Ruairi’s upcoming wedding! Beautifully captured by Colin Colleran. Read More »

5 Awkward Questions You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Ask Your Wedding Suppliers

Here are some examples of awkward questions you shouldn’t be afraid to ask your wedding suppliers. They are here to prove that even if you’re feeling a little shy, just ask away!  Read More »


Gorgeous Wedding Venues in Carlow and Kilkenny

Today we’re showing off a few of our favourite wedding venues in Carlow and Kilkenny, and we know you’ll love them! Read More »

Dreamy Rose Gold and Pink Bridesmaids Dresses We Love

We’ve rounded up a selection of our favourite rose gold and pink bridesmaids dresses. Whether you are after something simple, something with a little sparkle or something in between, we’ve got you covered. Read More »


Fabulous Hen Party Activities in Ireland

Looking for fabulous hen party activities in Ireland? We’ve got a list of amazing options for you to check out! Read More »

A Secret Covid Wedding Without the Frills

“So after covid led us to postpone yet another wedding date we decided to just go ahead with us and the kids, in secret and it turned out we had the most perfect day.” Read More »


4 Things You Might Forget to do on Your Wedding Day

We’ve created a list of things you might forget to do on your wedding day. You’ll thank us later! Read More »

What Makes a Photographer a Bangin’ Photographer?

What makes a Photographer a bangin’ Photographer and one you want to press that “CONTACT US” button for your wedding day? Read More »


How to Choose Your Wedding Style and Colours

Today we’re going to walk you through a list of questions you can ask as you determine your wedding style. This way, you will be able to create a wedding aesthetic that you love! Read More »

Wedding Favours Your Guests Will Actually Like

Some super cute ideas for wedding favours that your guests will like! Something edible, something they will use and something meaningful. Read More »


Incredible Wedding Suppliers in Portugal

If you’re thinking of getting married in Portugal, we’d like to introduce you to your Supplier Dream Team. These wedding suppliers in Portugal are absolutely fantastic. Read More »

Beautiful Wedding Aisle Decor Ideas

Your wedding aisle is a beautiful spot to give attention to. This is where you’ll walk towards your Other Half. It’s also where you’ll first walk together as a married couple. Your wedding aisle is a pretty special spot, so … Read More »


Fabulous Suppliers For Your Day After Wedding Celebration in Ireland

If you are planning your Day After Wedding Celebration, we’ve got you covered! Read More »

Fab Wedding Suppliers in Portugal

We’ve got your destination wedding supplier team covered! Check out these amazing wedding suppliers in Portugal! Read More »


How to Properly Care for Your Engagement Ring

Here are our tips on how to care for your engagement ring and we hope you find value in this! Lots of fabulous things you should and shouldn’t do. Read More »

Fabulous Wedding Dress Designers in Ireland

You’ll look and feel your absolute best by wearing anything created by these wedding dress designers in Ireland! They are the best! Read More »


The Best Wedding Ceremony Musicians in Munster

These are the best wedding ceremony musicians in Munster. Take a look at their fantastic videos! Read More »

Will You Be My Bridesmaid? Brilliant Ways to Ask

Gorgeous gifts for when you ask your girls: “Will you be my bridesmaid?” Read More »


Love Isn’t Cancelled: Pandemic Wedding Highlights

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt through Covid, it’s that love will always win. These pandemic wedding highlights are proof of that! Read More »

Five Reasons Why a Weekday Wedding Rocks

A weekday wedding may be an option for you depending on your priorities. Take a peek at today’s list of five reasons we think a midweek wedding is a fab idea.  Read More »


12 Beautiful Ways to Personalise Your Wedding Ceremony

If you are looking for creative ways to personalise your wedding ceremony, you’re in the right place! Read More »

The Most Romantic Hotels in Connacht for 2021

When it comes to hotels in Connacht, you are spoilt for choice. Take a peek at the list below of these utterly gorgeous hotel wedding venues… Read More »


Christmas Wedding Dreams with Sparkly Lights and Raspberry Red

“We always wanted a Christmas wedding so we wanted the colours to be festive. We chose raspberry red for Bridesmaids and tux for the best man and groomsmen. We chose a Christmas theme for our tables.” Read More »

Blooming Pretty Floral Wedding Invitations

Today we’re showing off incredible floral wedding invitations by Irish wedding stationery designers! Read More »


Here’s Why You Should Get Married in Ireland

We’re an Irish wedding website… you can’t blame us for wanting everybody to get married in Ireland right? Read More »

Super Cute Bridal Robes and Accessories

Looking to spoil yourself? We’ve rounded up some fab bridal robes and accessories! Read More »


Would You Ever Elope? Here Are Some Reasons You Should Consider It!

Here are some reasons you might want to elope instead of having a big wedding! Read More »

A Cozy and Intimate Elopement in Denmark

Lisa and Elia describe their wedding ceremony as cozy and intimate. Their elopement was in a country style, with very green and rustic surroundings. Read More »


Creative Wedding Table Plan Ideas

We’ve got some gorgeous wedding table plan inspiration for you today! Read More »

Getting Married for the Second Time

Getting married for the second time in Ireland? We’re answering all your burning questions, telling you exactly what documents you need and offering inspiration too. Read More »


How to Livestream Your Wedding

Anybody who has attempted to plan a wedding during a global pandemic can recognise that there are plenty of reasons you’d want to livestream your wedding. It’s a fabulous way to include anybody who isn’t able to travel! Before we … Read More »

Award-Winning Destination Wedding Suppliers

Today, we’d like to introduce you to our award-winning destination wedding suppliers. If you are looking to get married abroad, these are the suppliers you want on your Dream Team.  Read More »


Restaurants in Ireland that Host Weddings

We’ve created a list of our favourite restaurants in Ireland that host weddings. Take a peek at these stunning wedding venue options across the country! Read More »

Wedding Dresses in Munster: Our Top Picks

Today we’re showing off gorgeous wedding dresses in Munster. If you’re in the area, we’ve got you covered! Read More »


Getting Married in Spain: Your Dream Team

If you are thinking about getting married in Spain, we’ve got good news for you. Not only is Spain incredibly beautiful, but it is home to some fantastic wedding suppliers. Read More »

3 Steps to Having Happy Feet on Your Big Day

A pedi right before your Big Day isn’t enough to take care of dry, cracked feet, but we’ve got three steps to having happy, pretty feet on your wedding day. Read More »


Wedding Advice from 2020 Couples

Our real weddings are packed with brilliant advice and tips from couples who planned and executed their weddings within the last year. These 2020 couples are saying it like it is! Read More »

Introducing The Winners of the WOL Awards 21

Breaking news for the Irish wedding industry! We have announced the winners of the WOL Awards 21! Read More »


Award Winning Wedding Venues in Ireland

Today we are showing off the wedding venues in Ireland that won awards this year. Read More »

Pretty Pink Details Spotted in Real Weddings

We spotted some pretty pink details in real weddings. This is how real couples have incorporated their favourite romantic hue into their wedding decor. Read More »


Beautiful Wedding Ceremony Readings For Your Big Day

If you are looking for beautiful ways to make your wedding ceremony feel personal and unique to you as a couple, you are in the right place! Read More »

The Winner of the Outstanding Achievement Award for WOL Awards 21

We are proud to announce that the winner of the Outstanding Achievement Award for WOL Awards 21! Read More »


Sweet Wedding Details We’ve Seen in Actual Weddings

Cute signs, a special accessory, a meaningful cake topper or even a handmade item. These are just some of the ways you can sprinkle wedding details into your Big Day. Read More »

A Dreamy Wedding With Lots of Disney, Blush Pink and Rose Gold

For their wedding theme, there was lots of Disney, blush pink/rose gold, with a touch of Halloween! Read More »


6 Wedding Planning Tasks You Won’t Need to do Straight Away

To make your life easier, we’ve created a list of wedding planning tasks you can put aside for now. These are things you will get to eventually, but they aren’t the first things on your list. So breathe out and put these tasks on hold for a while. Read More »

Special Wedding Day Moments Beautifully Captured

These beautiful wedding day moments will put a smile on your face! All captured by talented Irish wedding photographers. Read More »


A Beautiful, Intimate Wedding With 24 Guests

“An intimate wedding for us was filled with such genuine happiness and love from all our friends and family. It also allowed us to have the luxury of relaxing and enjoying time with each other and our nearest and dearest.” Read More »

Covid and Your Honeymoon in 2021

After the last 12 months we’ve had and with ongoing uncertainty about travel, couples are still wondering about what to do about their honeymoon. Read More »


Beautiful Wedding Harp Music in Leinster

For anybody getting married in Leinster, we’ve got you covered with this fabulous list of harpists in your area. Read More »

Something Green: A Pop of Green in Your Wedding

In the spirit of all things Irish, we’ve gathered some beautiful ideas for ways to include a pop of green in your wedding.  Read More »


Creative First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Congratulations on making it to one year of marriage! We’ve got some beautiful first wedding anniversary gift ideas for you! Read More »

5 Ways to Plan Your Wedding Like a Pro

Plan your wedding like a pro with these fabulous tools! They’ll keep you on track, productive and inspired. Read More »


Blog Posts to Read After You Say Yes!

Newly engaged? Here are some helpful blog posts to read after you say yes! Read More »

Mother’s Day Quotes and Sayings – A Tribute to Our Fab Mams

We’ve gathered some beautiful Mother’s Day quotes and sayings that you can use in your Mother’s Day cards (you’re welcome). Read More »


Fab Irish Illustrators, Artists and Caricaturists For Your Wedding Day

These Irish illustrators, artists and caricaturists are truly masters at bringing your story to life in a unique way.  Read More »

A Relaxed Outdoor Wedding With Beautiful Sunflowers

The main thing that they wanted was to have their ceremony outside. Jessica’s favourite flowers are sunflowers so they based a lot of the decorations around them. They tied some of the colours in with the colour of the bridesmaids’ burgundy dresses.  Read More »


Mother’s Day Gifts From Irish Businesses

Spoil your mam this Mother’s Day with these sweet gift ideas! Read More »

Magical Wedding Moments To Make Your Day

Today we’re looking at beautiful wedding moments captured by fabulous Irish wedding photographers. Read More »


Beautiful Wedding Decor Ideas for Every Style

Today we’re talking about wedding decor. We’ve got all things pretty, romantic, dramatic and sparkly! Read More »

A Winter Wedding with Lots of Cream and Gold

They had always wanted a winter wedding, because they love Christmas! So they tied the knot in December 2020 and everything was cream and gold.  Read More »


Stunning Wedding Venues in Ulster

From cosy country houses to magnificent hotels and castles, there’s something for everyone. Take a look at these stunning wedding venues in Ulster. Read More »

A Timeless Autumn Wedding with Blush Pink, Peach and Burgundy

For their theme and colours, they tried to stay away from what was trendy at the time. Instead, they opted for a more timeless look. The colour palette included blush pinks, peaches and a splash of burgundy. They were lucky that their colours went with both a summer and autumn wedding. Read More »


Romantic and Cosy Winter Wedding Ideas

Planning a winter wedding? Here are some fabulous ideas for keeping guests cosy and warm. Read More »

Incredible Wedding Videos [Part Four]

If you are planning your wedding, today is the perfect day to flick through some beautiful wedding videos. Read More »


2021 Wedding Flower Trends We Love

These 2021 wedding flower trends are simply beautiful! Cascading bouquets, pampas grass, cherry trees and more! Read More »

A Relaxed, Tropical Wedding in Cyprus

“When we described our vision to Katie, our amazing wedding planner (Marry Me Cyprus) we said we wanted the day to be relaxed, fun and a huge party and that is exactly what the day was!” Read More »


A Small, Festive Wedding at Christmas Time

Since their wedding was at Christmas time, they kept the theme and colours quite rich and festive. They stuck to the deeper reds, greens and golds but kept things quite simple as the venue speaks for itself and is very beautifully decorated at Christmas time. Read More »

Incredible Wedding Videos [Part Three]

Today we’ve gathered some gorgeous wedding videos so you can get inspiration.  Read More »


5 Honeymoon Trends for 2021 & Where to Experience Them

Can’t stop dreaming about your honeymoon? Let’s discover the destinations, trends and incredible hotels that need to be on your bucket list. Read More »

Top Wedding Cakes Trends We Love in 2021

Every year I look forward to hearing about the year’s wedding cakes trends, particularly this year. Read More »


An Intimate Autumn Wedding With 25 Guests

“Even though our original vision of a wedding of 300 changed to a wedding of 25 it was so special and intimate and we had our nearest and dearest present.” Read More »

The Pros and Cons of Assigned Seating at Your Wedding

Trying to choose between assigned seating or letting your wedding guests choose where to sit? We’ve made a list of pros and cons! Read More »


Signs Your Wedding Venue is The One

One of the big items to tick off your list is finding your dream wedding venue. If you’re not sure where to start, this list will give you an idea of what to look out for so you know when you’ve found The One! Read More »

Stylish Wedding Face Masks and Coverings

However you choose to celebrate your Big Day, face masks may be required. So we’ve gathered some beautiful options for you!  Read More »


Incredible Wedding Videos [Part Two]

One of the best ways to relive your wedding day memories is to watch them over and over again in the form of a wedding video. Read More »

A Wedding With 25 Guests All Dressed in Black Tie

They wanted everything to be soft and relaxed so they opted for a thistle colour for the girls and black tie for the guys. They decided to have all 25 of their guests in black and it looked beautiful. Everybody loved getting dressed up!  Read More »


An Intimate Wedding Celebration With 7 People

After the summer, they both agreed that they just wanted to be married more than anything, so they planned a lowkey wedding with just their immediate families. There were 7 of them and they got to surprise their family and friends with photos of them on the day! Read More »

Incredible Wedding Videos [Part One]

There are so many memories to take in on your Big Day, and when it’s all over, you’re going to want to watch it. Browse through these beautiful wedding videos and you’ll see what I mean! Read More »


How to Order Your Wedding Album – A Step by Step Guide by DKPHOTO

While some may see it as an unnecessary expense, getting to design, hold and enjoy your own wedding album is the post-wedding moment of happiness we all deserve. Read More »

A Covid Wedding With a Music Theme

Both Annette and Miceal are big fans of rock music, so their wedding had a music theme! Read More »


A Small Covid Wedding with Dark Red and Blush

“We ended up planning 3 weddings with different dates and locations due to Covid. But in the end, small and simple was perfect.” Read More »

Ways to Honour Lost Loved Ones at Your Wedding

There are lots of beautiful ways to honour lost loved ones at your wedding! We’ve created a lovely list of sentimental things to do. Read More »


A Relaxed Autumnal Red Wedding

“Our wedding was in October, so I went with beautiful autumnal red dresses for the bridesmaids from Wed2Be. I wanted a splash of colour with the flowers, so I had sunflowers with red roses.” Read More »

A Tropical Theme Wedding in Cyprus

“Our theme was tropical with rose gold which stuck throughout the 2 years of planning.” Read More »


Wedding Budget Splurges You’ll Never Regret

We’ve got a list of items to put on your wedding budget priority list. You won’t regret splurging in all the right places! Read More »

Despite Covid, Weddings are Going Ahead, According to New weddingsonline Survey

This survey reminded us that couples are still getting married and weddings are still taking place, with 60% of our participants getting married in 2021. Read More »


A Winter Theme Wedding with Christmas Lights

They went with a winter theme. There were Christmas lights twinkling, furs, and sage green. The flowers were a mix of deep red, white and pine cones scattered throughout.  Read More »

Wedding Trends for 2021: Pop Up Ceremonies

Small weddings, bohemian styles and pop up ceremonies. We’re looking at wedding trends for 2021! Read More »


Super Cute Bridesmaids Proposal Ideas

Bridesmaids proposal ideas so you can ask your girls the big question! Read More »

Wedding Day Love at Shamrock Lodge Hotel

“When we left that day, we had no doubt in our minds that we would be getting married at Shamrock Lodge and we would entrust the most important day of our lives to their capable hands.” Read More »


Ways to Save Money if You’re Having a Smaller Wedding

I’ve got some really helpful tips for you on how to save money if you’re having a smaller wedding. This means you’ve got one less thing to stress about.  Read More »

Your Wedding Dress and Covid-19

Postponed your wedding due to Covid? Here’s what you need to know about your Wedding Dress! Read More »


A Covid Wedding With Blush Pink and Grey

With just one month to go, lockdown was announced but hey finally tied the knot in December and had a beautiful wedding with 24 guests and all the regulations in place. They stuck with their spring theme and had blush pink and grey.  Read More »

How to Plan Your Wedding Day Timeline

Everything you need to know about setting up a wedding day timeline! Read More »


An Elegant Aubergine and Gold Wedding

Their colours were an aubergine purple with bits of gold scattered around. Read More »

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas for Couples Who Have it All

You’re in the right place if you are looking for a wedding gift for a couple that has everything already! Read More »


A Pastel Pink Summer Wedding

Aiveen and Mark’s colour scheme was pastel pink which was perfect for summer. Read More »

Working From Home and Planning Your Wedding

If you are feeling burnt out, we don’t blame you. So here are some helpful tips on how to balance working from home and planning your wedding… Read More »


A Colourful Wedding With Lots of Blue

Áine and Philip wanted a colourful wedding, with lots of blue! Áine chose blue for her bridesmaids, steel blue and silver shoes. Read More »

A Small Family Wedding With Sage Green

Sarah and Tom’s wedding was a small family wedding. They describe it as very relaxing and comfortable. In fact, they would recommend a small wedding to everyone! They were both stress-free and got to enjoy the company of all their guests.  Read More »


How to Plan Your Wedding Morning Timeline

A wedding morning timeline will ensure that everybody is ready and that you all feel relaxed, refreshed and ready for the best day of your life! Read More »

Wedding Magicians and Comedians to Entertain Your Wedding Guests

These wedding magicians and comedians will blow your guests’ minds and have them in stitches! Read More »


A Navy and Burgundy Wedding in an Irish Castle

The wedding colours were navy and burgundy. We love the navy outfits for the groomsmen and the burgundy for the bridesmaids. Read More »

Spectacular Wedding Dresses Worn By Real Brides

Hands up if you could spend hours looking at pictures of wedding dresses! I know it’s not just me. One of my absolute fave things to do is look at REAL brides in their dresses. There’s just something so magical … Read More »


12 Decor Ideas to Borrow for Your Own Big Day

You’ll want to borrow these deadly decor ideas for your own Big Day! Read More »

How to do Your Hair and Makeup for Virtual Wedding Events

We love that Covid isn’t stopping anybody from celebrating! With virtual wedding events to celebrate their love, couples are embracing the challenge. Read More »


How to Plan Your Wedding at Work Without Getting Fired

Worried that planning your wedding may get you fired? Read More »

How to Deal with Rain on your Wedding Day

Don’t allow the threat of rain to ruin your Big Day! Read More »


Fun Ways to Include Prosecco in Your Wedding

If you’re looking for fun ways to incorporate Prosecco in your wedding, we’ve got some ideas for you! Read More »

Wedding Speeches: Dos, Don’ts and Helpful Tips

Wedding speeches can be daunting. So we’ve gathered some helpful tips so you can be prepared and deliver a speech that is memorable for all the right reasons! Read More »


How to Speak ‘Engagement Ring’ Like a Pro

Some useful tips to help you choose the perfect sparkler! Read More »

A Colourful Island Wedding in Cyprus

James and Rebecca’s wedding theme included dusty pink, light blue and lots of flowers. Read More »


A Simple Wedding With Green, White and Gold

“We didn’t purposely have a theme or colour, but worked out that we kept it simple with green, white and gold mainly.” Read More »

A Pretty Pink and Gold Wedding in Summer

“Our wedding was a spring/summer vibe with cherry blossom trees as stunning table centrepieces along with crystal candelabras. The room was coordinated beautifully in pink and gold. We got married on the most beautiful August summer day so the theme fitted in perfectly.” Read More »


Harry Potter Wedding Ideas To Charm Your Guests

Harry Potter fans, we’ve got something magical for you! Everything from breathtaking wedding venues as seen in the movies, to sweet details like signs, Golden Snitch floral hoops and a deer Patronus ceremony backdrop. Read More »

A Charming Disney Themed Wedding

“We both love Disney so it was a no-brainer that this would be our theme!” Read More »


A Vintage-Inspired Wedding With 40 Guests

“Our wedding was vintage-inspired. We chose Firmount House as it was the perfect backdrop for our style, and the Adventure Catering Food Truck was great for photos and delicious!” Read More »

A Wedding in a Farmhouse on the Amalfi Coast

We couldn’t think of anything more romantic and dreamy than a wedding in a farmhouse, overlooking the sea. Read More »


Wedding Day Treats Your Guests Will Love

Everybody loves sweet treats. We are here to tell you that there are plenty of ways to add something sweet or savoury to your Big Day. Read More »

A Christmas Wedding With A Romantic Pink and White Theme

“My flowers were pink and white roses so it was a romantic soft pink and white theme with Christmas red.” Read More »


WOLawards21 Finalists Have Been Announced!

So take a look at our list, because our finalists for WOLawards21 have been announced! Next up, our panel of independent judges will pick the winners. Read More »

A Lovely Garden Wedding Planned in Just Two Weeks

They planned their wedding in a little over two weeks and chose to get married in their home. They describe their Big Day as ‘elegant and yet homely’, and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate! Read More »


A Small Wedding Celebration With a White and Gold Theme

In the evening, everybody joined in for a party and dancing. They opted for a simple decor theme of white and gold. Read More »

Christmas Wedding Ideas that are Full of Festive Cheer

I’m well into the Christmas spirit and I hope these festive Christmas wedding ideas get you into the spirit too! Read More »


A Relaxed Covid Wedding Celebration in a Garden

The wedding celebrations continued in their garden which they decorated themselves. This DIY wedding decor included lights and fabric to cover the ceiling, creating a lovely cosy atmosphere.  Read More »

A Lockdown Wedding Planned in 7 Days

After postponing their wedding a number of times, Emma and Danny ended up planning their wedding in just 7 days! Read More »


A Cosy Wedding With a Music Theme

Since they are both fans of music, they incorporated that into their day with their favourite albums as table names, an 80s tribute band and a mini wedding album as wedding favours. Read More »

Fabulous Black Friday Deals: Wedding Edition

Fabulous wedding Black Friday deals for your Big Day with Ireland’s best suppliers. Read More »


A Traditional Irish Wedding in a Picturesque Setting

“A traditional Irish wedding, surrounded by our friends and family in a picturesque and romantic setting.” Read More »

Brilliant Ways to Entertain Your Wedding Guests

We’ve got some fabulous ways that you can entertain your guests and give them the opportunity to celebrate with you! Read More »


A Classic Fairytale-Inspired Wedding

They describe their wedding as a classic fairytale-inspired theme with lots of white flowers and green foliage. Read More »

A Dreamy Minimalist Summer Wedding

Once they had picked their date for a summer wedding, they chose to keep the colours light. Boyne Hill House Estate is already decorated so beautifully, so they kept the rest of their decor minimal.  Read More »


WOLawards21 – Let’s Get Voting!

That’s right, WOLawards21 is here and it’s time to have your say! Cast your vote and let us know who your favourite wedding suppliers are. Read More »

Spanish Wedding Dreams with Pops of Yellow

They loved the lemon trees in the area so they added touches of yellow to complement the simple white and greenery of the garden.  Read More »


Wedding Venues in Ireland for Smaller Weddings

These wedding venues in Ireland are perfect for smaller weddings of up to 50 guests. Read More »

A Charming Wedding Full of Fun and Pretty Touches

“We didn’t have a theme really. We based the whole day around what we wanted and to make the most fun.” Read More »


How to Include Irish Traditions in Your Wedding

Inject Irish traditions into your wedding with these lovely touches! Read More »

Romantic Ways to Bond Before the Wedding

These activities are super romantic and will help you to bond as a couple before the wedding. Book an engagement shoot or forge your rings! Read More »


A Romantic and Intimate Wedding in Spain

“We wanted everything to be very romantic and intimate and it’s safe to say everything was beyond our expectations.” Read More »

How to Find Your Wedding Supplier Team

Are you creating your wedding supplier team? We’ve listed some brilliant ways to find the best suppliers in the country! Read More »


A Romantic Garden Party Style Wedding

Louise and Fergal wanted their wedding to feel relaxed and personal, so they created a romantic garden party feel. Read More »

Getting Married in Italy – Your Dream Wedding Suppliers

Planning on getting married in Italy? These suppliers will bring your wedding dreams to life! Read More »


A Pretty Pink and White Covid Wedding

The wedding colours were dusty pink and white. “If I didn’t choose pink, I would never have forgiven myself and always regretted it in the future!” Read More »

A Magical Pink and Gold Wedding in a Spanish Castle

“I got the princess wedding that I’ve been dreaming about my entire life. The colours were pink and gold.” Read More »


Small Wedding Packages Perfect for Covid

If you have chosen to go ahead and plan a small wedding, we’ve got great news for you! Our wedding venues have some incredible wedding packages that will make your small wedding plans come together beautifully.  Read More »

An Intimate Wedding Celebration Despite Covid

“It was a beautiful and intimate and emotional wedding.” Read More »


Weddings in Ireland With New Level 5 Restrictions

The new level 5 restrictions are a little confusing, so we have summarised how they impact weddings in Ireland! Read More »

A ‘Less is More’ Wedding With Muted, Natural Colours

Martina and Jerry had a very ‘less is more’ approach, so they kept it simple with very natural colours. Read More »


A Romantic Wedding with a Rustic, Vintage Feel

The beautiful decor was inspired by the look of the venue. Although there was no particular theme, they chose dusty pinks and sage green with a rustic, vintage feel which is super romantic! Read More »

Sophia and Sarah’s Bohemian Style Wedding

“Our same-sex wedding was a living fairytale” Sophia and Sarah planned a bohemian style wedding decorated with light linens, earthy details with sandy and burgundy nuances. Read More »


Wedding Budget Advice You’ve Never Heard Before

We’ve gathered some expert wedding budget advice from the pros and they have suggested some really creative ways you can save money while still having the wedding you’ve always dreamt of. Read More »

A Simple and Elegant Champagne Wedding

This gorgeous wedding can be described as simple and elegant. They opted for champagne chair seats and a simple flower arrangement in the middle.  Read More »


An Intimate Covid Wedding with 25 Guests

“…But at the end of the day, Castlemartyr made our dreams come true with an intimate fairytale family ceremony & wedding. We had 25 guests and the day was absolutely perfect.” Read More »

Super Cute Socially Distanced Wedding Ideas

From cute signage with clever phrases to mini charcuterie boards… we just know you’ll love these utterly adorable socially distanced wedding ideas!  Read More »


How to Downsize Your Wedding Guest List for Covid

If you need to downsize your wedding guest list because of government guidelines, this is for you! All the etiquette rules and helpful tips. Read More »

A Romantic Wedding in Portugal with Lots of Flowers

“We just chose a lot of flowers and a romantic setting. Also, live music was very important for the overall ambiance.” Read More »


Spanish Summer Wedding Inspiration

This styled photoshoot by Boutique Spanish Weddings will make you want to get married in Spain! Read More »

A Winter Wedding with a Rustic Theme

“With it being Winter we went with dark greens, deep reds and a pop of pink for the flowers and kept it a kind of rustic theme.” Read More »


James and Paul’s Sunny Wedding in Ireland

“My piece of advice for other couples to think about why you’re getting married to each other and the people you want to be there with you.” Read More »

A Gorgeous Navy and Gold Wedding

Our wedding colours were navy and gold. This tied in great with the decor at Clonabreany House. Read More »


A Classic Wedding with a Fairytale Theme

“We just had a classic wedding, all very relaxed and how we imagined it. There wasn’t a theme, it was more about having the people we care and love around us to celebrate our big day. More of a fairytale if we were to put a theme on it.” Read More »

A Modern Wedding in a Villa in Portugal

“We wanted a really private wedding so hired a villa in Loule. It was really modern so we wanted the theme of the wedding to reflect this.” Read More »


A Pretty Purple Wedding in Ireland

“I definitely wanted to have purple somewhere in the wedding and when I found the girls’ dresses I knew that was it!” Read More »

A Magical Dusty Pink and Grey Wedding

“We chose dusty pink for the bridesmaids, grey ties for the groomsmen and kept flowers, chair sashes, etc. all white, with lots of lanterns in the church.” Read More »


A Rainy Irish Wedding With Shades of Cream and Nude

“For our wedding, we selected a colour palette made up of cream and nude.” Read More »

A Colourful Covid Wedding

“Our wedding was during the Covid-19 pandemic. We had originally postponed but decided at the last minute to go ahead on the 8th of May.” Read More »


A Beauty and the Beast Themed Wedding

“Our wedding was a Beauty and the Beast theme. It was the first film I’ve ever seen at the cinema as a child and it’s been my favourite ever since.” Read More »

A Pretty Pastel Pink Wedding in Summer

“We chose soft pastel summer colours for our wedding colour palette.” Read More »


A Romantic Wedding on the Beach

“Our wedding venue was Ocean Sands Hotel, a lovely hotel by the sea!” Read More »

Choosing Your Wedding Rings – What You Need to Know

When it comes to choosing your wedding rings, there are lots of factors to keep in mind. We’ve enlisted the help of the pros from Boru Jewelry, and they’ve given us the lowdown on what you need to know! Read More »


Wedding Makeup – Where to Start!

Here is a breakdown of some makeup options, so that you can express what you are envisioning when consulting with your makeup artist at your bridal trial. Read More »

A Traditional Galway Celebration With White and Blush

“We wanted a traditional Galway celebration taking in all of the elements of this town that we love the most.” Read More »


A Relaxed and Happy Celebration of Love

“We didn’t have a specific theme for our wedding. When planning the main focus was the venue, food and music. We wanted the day to be a celebration of love with our family and close friends.” Read More »

Covid Wedding Tips: Rescheduling Your Wedding

We’ve enlisted the help of some fantastic wedding suppliers so they can tell us what to do with all things Covid wedding related! Read More »


Ask the Experts: Wedding Dress Alterations

We’ve asked the experts to tell us everything we need to know about wedding dress alterations! Read More »

A Beautiful Irish Green Wedding

This wedding has a lovely splash of green mixed with bright sunflowers! Read More »


A Christmas Wonderland Wedding With Hints of Disney and Scottish Flair

“Christmas wonderland with hints of Disney and Scottish flair!” Read More »

Engaged Box: The First Step To A Successful Wedding Planning

The Miss to Mrs engaged box contains secrets to planning a successful wedding. From wedding hacks to beauty essentials, let’s check them out. Read More »


A Beautiful Outdoor Summer Wedding

“We had a Summer wedding. It was outdoors which was amazing.” Read More »

A Green and White Winter Wedding

“As it was a winter wedding we opted for green and white in the church. I think the Connemara room is incredibly classic so didn’t opt for too many decorations here.” Read More »


Planning Your Dream Wedding? Check Out This Year’s Award Winning Suppliers!

If you are planning your wedding, take a look at these incredible award-winning wedding suppliers! Read More »

A Vintage Wedding Inspired by Peaky Blinders

“We had a modern, elegant wedding with a vintage feel, inspired by Peaky Blinders.” Read More »


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words but Sometimes the Memories are Priceless

Ten typical photos taken by Couple Photography at an Irish wedding that are not mentioned in any online wedding photography checklists! Read More »

A Classy Glamorous New Year’s Eve Wedding

“We had a classy glamorous New Year’s Eve wedding.” Read More »


What is a ‘Homeymoon’ and is it for You?

A ‘homeymoon’ is a honeymoon at home. Kind of like a ‘staycation’ but for couples who are meant to be jetting off on their dream post-wedding holiday! Read More »

A Beautiful Wedding with Fairy Lights, Foliage and Fire Pits

“The decor was just what I was looking for; beautiful foliage, fairy lights, candles throughout the room. Fire pits and chandeliers in the trees carried the party atmosphere outside.” Read More »


In-depth survey reveals how Covid-19 has affected Irish weddings

Shot taken by David Moore Photography at Knightsbrook Hotel, Trim weddingsonline surveyed over 600 couples currently planning their weddings to find out the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic has had on their wedding planning. The key takeaways from the results … Read More »

A Festive Christmas Theme Wedding

“We had a Christmas theme wedding and went for dark greens and maroon but with the table layout classic white.” Read More »


A Rustic Country Wedding With a Hint of Glamour

“The venue has a rustic country feel so I wanted to add a bit of glamour. The colours were light blue, gold and white, with lots of greenery to match the venue.” Read More »

For The Boys: These 13 Grooms Did It In Laid-back Style

One mini-trend we’ve been loving is grooms taking pride in their wedding fashion choices and staying true to themselves with a laid-back look. Read More »


A Medieval Wedding in a Castle

“We were married in a Castle, so we really ran with the ‘medieval’ theme. We used deep red and traditional roses.” Read More »

What is a “Change-the-Date”?

Everything you need to know about the “Change-the-date” trend and why it’s relevant now! Read More »


A Christmas Wedding With a Winter Wonderland Theme

“Our wedding was a winter wonderland theme.” Read More »

Postponed Wedding: How to Celebrate Your Original Date

For anybody with a postponed wedding, there are still lovely ways you can celebrate your love for one another! Read More »


Top Tips for Couples Planning a Wedding During Covid-19

If you are planning your wedding during the uncertain time of Covid-19, we’ve got some incredibly helpful tips for you from our wedding suppliers! Read More »

Live Streaming Your Wedding to Guests Around the World

Live streaming of events and in particular wedding ceremonies has never been so relevant with the coronavirus affecting every facet of life at present. Read More »


Planning Your Wedding During the Coronavirus Crisis – It’s Possible!

Planning your wedding during the Coronavirus crisis is still possible! Read More »

Covid-19: How Does It Affect My Wedding?

Everything you need to know about getting married during the Covid-19 pandemic. Read More »


An Intimate Wedding With a Mint Green and Gold Colour Theme

“Our wedding was intimate, with a Mint Green & Gold colour theme.” Read More »

Lisa Cannon’s Magical Trip to Paris

Lisa Cannon talks about her incredibly romantic trip to Paris, the City of Love! Read More »


Our Top Tips For Wedding Dress Shopping

Congratulations! You’ve began your wedding planning journey and you’re ready to find the perfect wedding dress – how exciting!  In todays post we’re going to share our top tips for making this journey as exciting and stress-free as possible. From … Read More »

Our Favourite Outdoor Ceremony Spaces

Today we are celebrating our favourite outdoor ceremony spaces! All across Ireland, you’ll find beautiful spots to say ‘I do’. No matter how you would describe your wedding style, there’s something here for everyone… Read More »


How to Choose Your Bridesmaids

It’s time to choose your bridesmaids! Easy right? Hmm not so much. For some people, the choice is obvious and it’s an easy decision. For others, there are many factors to consider and it’s an overwhelming task. Read More »

Beautiful Bridal Looks Spotted in Our Real Weddings

While scrolling through all the romantic stories, we spotted so many beautiful bridal looks that we couldn’t resist sharing them with you. Read More »


Humanist Weddings – What Are They & Why Have One?

There are so many different types of wedding ceremonies and ways to celebrate your wedding! You’ll see lots of beautiful humanist weddings here on weddingsonline and you might be wondering what they are. Read More »

Fresh Blue Colour Palette Ideas With Bridgerton Vibes

The romantic appeal of the Regency era portrayed in Bridgerton has proved a huge hit with brides! Whether you’re obsessed with the series or not, the Bridgerton blue is an easy colour to fall in love with. From the elegant … Read More »


2022 Wedding Trends We’re Obsessed With

Next year will see lots of bows, bright colours and Bridgerton. We can’t wait! Take a look at these 2022 wedding trends and you’ll see why we’re so obsessed. Read More »

Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Invitations And RSVPs

So today we’re breaking it down for you with absolutely everything you need to know about wedding invitations. We’re including RSVPs and websites in the mix too, so you’ve got the full package!  Read More »


Covid and Your Honeymoon in 2021

After the last 12 months we’ve had and with ongoing uncertainty about travel, couples are still wondering about what to do about their honeymoon. Read More »

WOL Loves: Handsome Grooms Looks for 2022

Grooms getting married in 2022 are very lucky, the selection of wedding wear available is super stylish!  When it comes to choosing a wedding suit the options haven’t always been that expansive, but these days your guy can choose from … Read More »


Our Favourite Interactive Hen Party Experiences

If interactive hen party experiences are what you’re in the mood for, we’ve got you covered! Read More »

Despite Covid, Weddings are Going Ahead, According to New weddingsonline Survey

This survey reminded us that couples are still getting married and weddings are still taking place, with 60% of our participants getting married in 2021. Read More »