When’s The Best Time To Go On Honeymoon?


Planning your honeymoon is sure to be one of the most magical holidays of your life! There are several things to consider when choosing your honeymoon. Here’s a question you should be asking: when’s the best time to go on honeymoon?

We’ll jot down a few other questions to consider when planning your dream honeymoon!


When’s the best time to go on honeymoon?

Couples are really lucky in that they have several options available to them:

Right after the wedding

You could do the ‘traditional’ thing and jet off on honeymoon right after the wedding!

A couple of weeks or months later

If you’re worried about wedding stress, then your best bet might be to get married, then settle in a little bit and go off on honeymoon a couple of weeks or even months later.

Minimoon now and honeymoon later

And your third option is to go on a minimoon in Ireland right after the wedding, giving yourself time to save up for a beautiful honeymoon that you go on a few months down the line.


Which honeymoon destination should I choose?

You could choose your destination and then go on honeymoon during its best season, or you could choose your timing and select the destination that’s best to travel to at that time of year!

Here are some suggestions:

January – South Africa

February – Thailand

March – India

April – Seychelles

May – Mauritius

June – Italy

July – French Polynesia

August – Bali

September – Kenya

October – Mexico

November – Dubai

December – Prague, Czech Republic

For more information about these honeymoon destinations, read this!


Do you want your honeymoon to be a surprise?

Lots of couples like to divvy up the tasks, with one partner spearheading the wedding planning and the other looking after all things honeymoon. Some couples like to keep the honeymoon destination a surprise so that the one who didn’t do the planning gets to find out the details as they unfold.

You may want to share the responsibility of both wedding planning and honeymoon planning, making all your decisions together.

Discuss your expectations with your partner and work out what suits you both!


What type of honeymoon do you want?

There are two types of honeymoons: the relaxing, sitting on the beach and sipping cocktails type of honeymoon, and the adventurous, sightseeing and doing all the touristy things type of honeymoon. They’re both great and there’s merit to choosing either.

Decide ahead of time what kind of honeymoon you’d like to have so that you know what you’re getting into. Nobody wants to spend all their money flying across the world only to spend the entire holiday in the hotel room.


What’s your budget?

Yes, money is something you need to consider. Can you afford to go on your extravagant honeymoon now or would you prefer to save up and do that later? Is there something else you’d rather spend your money on? Your budget will determine where you can go, how long you can go for, and what you can do on your honeymoon.


What climate do you prefer?

There are people who absolutely love the cold, cosy climates. Other people prefer warmer, tropical, beachy climates. Chat to your partner about what you’ve envisioned for your honeymoon. This will help you select the right location and time of year to go!