A Handy List of Groomsmen Duties for the Wedding

The Groom

So you’ve been asked to be a groomsman and you want to do the job right! We’re sure you’ll want your bestie to have the most incredible wedding day possible, so we’ve made a list of everything you’ll need to do on the day and in the lead up to the day. With this list, you’ll ace your groomsmen duties!

Featured image credit: David Maury Photography


Groomsmen duties before the wedding day


Wedding attire: This largely depends on what the groom has in mind, but be prepared to buy or rent your outfit. We recommend getting this process started as early as possible, so you’ve got time to select the best suit and pay for it.


A bachelor party: One of the most fun tasks, for sure! Sit down with the groom and find out what type of bachelor party he’d like. Then, get together with the other groomsmen and start planning. Traditionally, the Best Man will spearhead the planning, but that’s not to say that the other groomsmen can’t get involved too! Be ready to chip in financially as well so you can make this a night (or weekend) to remember.


Pre-wedding events: There are a few pre-wedding events you should jot down in your calendar. The engagement party, bachelor party and rehearsal. As a groomsman, you’ll be required to be at all of these events. Attending these events is one way you can show the happy couple that you support them and their marriage.


Wedding gift: You’d be forgiven if getting a wedding gift has totally slipped your mind! But remember that it’s customary for the wedding party to give the couple something on their wedding day. If you’re stuck for ideas, take a look at their wedding registry. Or better yet, gather the rest of the wedding party to spoil the couple with a special gift or activity as part of their honeymoon.


Think about your travel and accommodation: Depending on where the wedding is taking place, you might need to book accommodation for the night before and the night of the wedding.


Groomsmen duties on the wedding day


Get ready together: When the wedding day arrives, all the groomsmen will gather together with the groom and get ready. Share a toast, take some photos and enjoy the morning together.


Keep the groom calm: While you’re getting ready together and during the wedding, your main role is to keep the groom calm. Grooms can totally get nervous so having their besties surrounding them will ease their nerves!


Make sure the groom is fed: Before the wedding starts and once the food has come out, make sure the groom has had something to eat and some water to drink! The day goes by so quickly and there are so many things to be done, the wedding couple often doesn’t have a chance to eat.


Help guests find their seats: If there are no ushers, it’ll be your job to help guests find seats. The more traditional seating arrangements are slowly becoming less popular, so your role will be a little more relaxed.


Stand by the groom: By this point, you will have had a rehearsal of some kind, so you’ll know where your spot is.


Mingle with guests: Even if you don’t know everyone, make everyone feel comfortable by mingling and getting to know the guests. You’ll likely be one of the people introducing guests to one another.


Get on the dance floor: Nothing gets the party started quicker than people filling the dance floor. Make sure you join in and play your part here. If you have fun, others will follow suit.


Send off the couple: Make sure the couple is properly sent off on their honeymoon! You may want to stick around and make sure that all the suppliers have been paid and the gifts and handmade decor have been collected.