Celebrate Your Life And Love For One Another With A Unique Humanist Wedding Ceremony

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If you want something different or you’re a non-traditional couple, a humanist wedding ceremony celebrated by the Humanist Association of Ireland may be just for you. Every wedding that we do is different, because each one is built around you. Our ceremonies are about you as a couple celebrating your love for each other and making your commitment to one another, in the company of those closest to you, with appropriate well-chosen words, readings and music in a place of your choosing (so long as the venue is open to the public). They are designed to be very personal and meaningful. You can set the tone that’s right for you as a couple and you can find ways to include your family, your children, your pets, and your friends in the ceremony.

Humanist weddings have been growing in popularity, with over 2,000 taking place in Ireland each year. The Humanist Association of Ireland is the only organisation which is legally approved to conduct humanist ceremonies in Ireland. Our ceremonies are all about love, not religion, and they always put you at the centre of everything.

Humanists value traits such as reason and we rely on science in order to explain the way that things are. We believe we have only one life and we should make the most of it. Our ceremonies are designed to be a positive option for those who share the same philosophical belief system as humanists whether you wish to call yourself a humanist or not, and even whether you are a member of any humanist association or not.

Humanists are very accepting that other people have religious beliefs, so everyone is welcome and feels included in a humanist ceremony, no matter what their beliefs. People who have been guests at humanist weddings are always complimentary, as the ceremonies are so warm and engaging, and reflect the couple’s personalities and values. Guests find the ceremonies very emotional, heartfelt, and very personal.

Humanist ceremonies are unlike other ceremonies, and you may be wondering what the difference between a civil wedding ceremony and a humanist wedding ceremony is. They are both non-religious wedding ceremonies but in reality, they couldn’t be more different. Civil ceremonies are legally recognised but are bound by restrictions regarding where and when they can take place. For example, you cannot have your ceremony at the weekend or on a public holiday. Ceremony scripts are usually standardised or with little variation, with the blanks filled in for each couple. Humanist wedding ceremonies are also legally recognised, but they do not have any of these restrictions. Our ceremonies are tailored to you, and our celebrants deliver a bespoke ceremony that reflects the couple’s personality. There are no limits to gender, race, sexual orientation, day of the week or circumstance for the couple.

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Humanist ceremonies often include symbolic acts or rituals, and these can be an incredibly meaningful part of the ceremony. You may choose to have handfasting, which is an ancient Celtic ritual in which the hands are tied together to symbolize the binding of two lives. A sand ceremony is also very popular, where two people take sand from their individual vessels and combine the grains into one. The act represents the joining of two individuals and the creation of a new union and family. You can also involve your children in pouring the sand. There are lots of other symbolic acts to choose from, such as ring warming, unity candles, jumping the broom, a wine ceremony or tree planting. The only limit is your own imagination.


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Our humanist celebrants will meet or video call you when you initially contact them. It’s important that you are happy and comfortable with the celebrant that you’re entrusting with this important milestone in your life. You can discuss your exact requirements with them, and they’ll ask you lots of questions and take notes, so that they can create a ceremony that is just right for you. They will help you pick your readings, music, and symbolic acts. This is a hugely enjoyable part of the process because you get to sit down with the celebrant and tell them the story of your love and together, you will create a plan for your wedding ceremony.

After your initial meeting, the celebrant will create a ceremony script that has been specially tailored for you, with your own unique love story at its centre. You can make any changes you like, and your celebrant will continue to work with you and get to know you better right up to your wedding day. They will make sure you are 100% happy with the ceremony that they deliver for you.

If you are looking for a bespoke ceremony, crafted just for you, with your life and your love story at the centre of it, then book a humanist wedding ceremony.

If you want a secular and unique wedding, ask for a humanist celebrant. To find out more information and to search for humanist celebrants available on your chosen date, please visit our website.