A Handy Guide to Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

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Once the Big Day has been and gone, it’s the little things like your wedding DVD, calling your new spouse ‘husband’ or ‘wife’ and of course the wedding anniversaries that you have to look forward to! We love our gifts here in weddingsonline HQ and adore the idea of following this little tradition each and every year. It’s a lovely chance to toast your special day all over again and treat you other half to a special gift too! Every year sees a new gift idea from paper to wood – for anyone looking to get a glimpse of what lies ahead, click to see all wedding anniversaries by year. It’s a really handy guide from The Eternity Rose with the type of gift you traditionally give your husband or wife on each year of marriage.

They’ve broken it down to make things super easy for you and even have some suggestions and gift ideas too! They’ve of course the traditional gifts associated with each year but over the years, a new list of more modern wedding gifts has emerged so you can pick up more practical gifts if the traditional list doesn’t take your fancy. They’ve also included the colour and the gemstone linked to each year to give you even more ammunition when it comes to gift shopping! We’ve outlined the first 10 years below but to see the full list and some beautiful gift ideas for your anniversaries (including their signature 24 karat gold dipped rose – they’ve taken this iconic symbol of love and transformed it in to a fabulous art piece that you can cherish forever), pop over to The Eternity Rose website.

24 karat gold dipped rose by Eternity Rose

Year 1: For traditionalists Paper is the gift of choice for that precious first anniversary or if you’re after a modern take, think Clocks.

Year 2: Cotton is the traditional gift for Year 2 or if you fancy taking the modern route, pick up some China.

Year 3: For Year 3, it’s all about Leather on the traditional gift list or Glass or Crystal if you want to go modern.

Year 4: Get shopping for Silk or Linen (or Fruit or Flowers if you’re US based) for Year 4 of if you’re after a more modern gift, hit the Appliances aisle (Nespresso anyone?!).

Year 5: The traditional theme for Year 5 is Wood or pick up some Silverware if you like a more modern take.

Year 6: Treat your partner to some Candy for Year 6 (yay) or Wood if you want to give your other half the modern gift.

Year 7: The traditional gift of choice for Year 7 is Wool or opt for Brass or Desk Sets if you’re following the modern gift list.

Year 8: The traditional gift theme for Year 8 is Salt or pick up something Lace or Linen for a more modern touch.

Year 9: Copper is the theme for this year or go the modern route with something Leather!

Year 10: Tin is the traditional gift theme for Year 10 (or Aluminium stateside). Or you can treat your partner to some Diamond Jewellery for the 10th anniversary.

Main photo via The Hummingbird.co.uk