Ask The Experts: What Do Wedding Flowers Cost?

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What do wedding flowers cost? This is something many couples simply have no reference point for! If you’re in the same boat and you’re trying to piece together your wedding budget, then having an understanding of the different types of flowers and what everything costs will be a huge help to you!

You might be thinking of just your bouquets and centrepieces, but when it comes to wedding flowers there’s so much more you may want to include! Buttonholes, pew ends, a floral arch, to name a few. And then there’s the setup and breakdown of all your flowers.

Want to know what wedding flowers cost? Then keep on reading for a full itemised list of exactly what you’d be paying for!

A HUGE thank you to Judi Roche of Balla Florists and Jessamyn Sommers of Bloomsday Flowers for their contributions and expert advice.

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Flowers by Balla Florists


Advice On Choosing Wedding Flowers

When it comes to choosing your wedding flowers from a florist, Judi shares that there are a few things to keep in mind:

Budget: It’s important to have a clear idea of your budget before meeting with a florist. Be honest about what you can afford and work with your florist to come up with affordable solutions.

Season: Consider the season in which you’re getting married and choose flowers that are readily available. This will not only save you money, but the flowers will also be fresher and last longer.

Theme: Think about the overall theme and colour scheme of your wedding when choosing flowers. You want the flowers to complement the rest of your décor, not clash with it.

Venue: Keep your wedding venue in mind when choosing flowers. If you’re getting married in a church or other religious setting, you may have restrictions on what types of flowers you can use.

Personal taste: Ultimately, your wedding flowers should reflect your personal taste as a couple. Don’t be afraid to ask your florist for advice, but also trust your own instincts.

Experience: When it comes to choosing a wedding florist, it is important to find someone who has experience in creating beautiful floral arrangements for weddings. An experienced florist will have a deep understanding of different types of flowers, their colours, and how they can be used to create stunning bouquets, centerpieces, and other wedding decorations.


Flowers by Balla Florist | Venue: The Lodge at Ashford


How To Choose A Wedding Florist

Look for a florist who has a portfolio of previous wedding work that you can review. This will give you a good idea of their style and skill level. Additionally, read reviews and testimonials from past customers to get a sense of their level of customer service and professionalism.

It may also be helpful to choose a florist who has experience working at your wedding venue. This will ensure that they are familiar with the space, and can make suggestions for arrangements that will complement the surroundings and enhance the overall ambiance of your wedding.

Finally, be sure to communicate your vision and preferences clearly with your chosen florist, so that they can create arrangements that meet your expectations and help make your wedding day unforgettable.

By keeping these things in mind, you can work with your florist to create beautiful arrangements that will make your wedding day even more special. An experienced wedding florist is priceless.

Style: Ensure their floral style matches your vision for the wedding.
Portfolio: Review their portfolio to gauge their creativity and skill.
Budget: Discuss your budget upfront to ensure they can work within it.
Availability: Confirm their availability for your wedding date.
Experience: Choose a florist with experience in weddings and events.
Communication: Look for a florist who communicates well and understands your preferences.
Reviews: Check online reviews and ask for referrals from past clients.
Consultation: Schedule a consultation to discuss ideas and see if you feel comfortable working with them.
Contract: Get everything in writing, including services, pricing, and cancellation policies.
Flexibility: Select a florist who is flexible and able to accommodate last-minute changes or adjustments.


Flowers by Bloomsday Flowers


Flower Pricing And Tips

There are a few factors which may impact the cost of your flowers:

What’s in season: If you are shopping seasonally, you’ll reduce the cost of importing flowers from another country (you’ll also reduce your carbon footprint!).

Popular dates: Some dates are more popular than others (such as summer dates, Saturdays, bank holiday weekends and key dates for flowers like Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day).

Extra costs: Consider how you’re getting your flowers to your venue, who’s setting them up, who’s transferring them to the reception venue and restyling them, as well as who will break it down at the end of the night.

How big your wedding party is: If you’re wanting individual bouquets and buttonholes, you’ll pay more if you have a bigger wedding party.

How big your wedding is: The more guests you have, the more tables you have and therefore the more centrepieces you’ll need.


Bonus Tip: Avoid Waste

Jessamyn specialises in designing flowers that fit the ceremony and reception so that nothing goes to waste. We think this is pretty smart!


Flowers by Bloomsday Flowers


Here’s What Wedding Flowers Cost

Bridal bouquet: €100 upwards

Bridesmaid bouquet: €60 upwards

Buttonholes: €10 upwards

Ladies pin corsages: €20 upwards

Wrist corsages: €25 upwards

Pocket squares: €25 upwards

Church ceremony flowers: €225 upwards

Civil ceremony flowers: €100 upwards

Pew end: €25 upwards

Back altar: €80 upwards

Flower arch (artificial): €300 upwards

Flower arch (fresh): €1000 upwards

Floral pillars (artificial): €300 upwards

Floral pillars (fresh): €1000 upwards

Flower-based table centrepieces (low): €60 upwards

Flower-based table centrepieces (tall): €100 upwards

Chair posy: €40 upwards

Cake table flowers: €50 upwards

Thank you bouquet: €50 upwards

Foliage garland: €60 upwards

Flower wall (artificial): €300 upwards

Church full lantern hire: €350 upwards


Delivery, Setup and Breakdown

The cost of delivery, setup and breakdown will vary, depending on how much you’ve ordered, where you’ve ordered from, how far your florist needs to drive, and so on.

You’re looking at spending between €50 and €750 depending on what has to be done.

Most florists offer delivery, setup and breakdown services 7 days per week and will charge extra for bank holidays.