Blooming Beautiful: Six Popular Bouquet Shapes Explained

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wedding bouquet shapes

A bouquet of flowers is carried by the bride on her wedding day to symbolise several things; fertility, new beginnings and a happy marriage. This tradition dates back to Ancient Greek and Roman times when brides carried or wore floral garlands. 

Today most brides will carry a bouquet of flowers which have been carefully created by your florist to complement your bridal gown, the vibe of the day and your venue. Choosing the right shape bouquet is just as important as the flowers it holds, so today we’re sharing the most popular shapes to help guide you when it comes to your consultation with your florist. 

(Main image: Bloomsday Flowers) 

wedding bouquet shapes


A very small but perfectly formed round posy of flowers which works perfectly for brides who want small arrangements but is most used for flower girls. Royal brides traditionally choose a posy which give a beautiful vintage feel to a wedding day. 

Posy bouquets by Balla Florists by Judi Roche

wedding bouquet shapes


Round bouquets are a classic choice as it has a beautiful symmetrical and clean shape. Round bouquets work well for brides who prefer a more traditional style, rather than whimsical or boho. 

Round bouquet by Flowers From The Secret Garden (Image: David McClelland Photography) 

wedding bouquet shapes


Another classic choice the handtied bouquet is simply a beautiful bunch of flowers which are loosely tied together and usually tied with ribbon. 

Handtied bouquet by Blooomsday Flowers

wedding bouquet shapes


Known as a shower bouquet in the 80’s, the cascade has moved on and is a beautiful modern take on this classic shaped. A cascade bouquet is lavishly filled with flowers and less foliage and has a distinctive flowing floral cascade at the front. 

Cascade bouquet by

wedding bouquet shapes


If you want to add a boho, whimsical feel to your day, a freeform bouquet is the one for you. With a non-traditional, loose appearance, the freeform bouquet is wild and unruly and will feature lots of greenery and textural varieties. 

Freeform bouquet by Arbour Blooms 

wedding bouquet shapes

Long stemmed 

The most modern look, a long stemmed bouquet usually focuses on one single variety of flowers, typically roses which is tied in an asymmetric fashion. The stems are kept long for a minimal, fuss-free appearance. 

Image: Blaise Bell