Brunch Wedding Ideas For Early Risers


If you’re a fan of Saturday morning pancakes with a side of mimosas, then you may be considering hosting a brunch wedding! We think it’s a fabulous idea for early risers who are in the mood for a more casual reception.

Say ‘I do’ first thing in the morning and then invite guests to your mid-morning brunch wedding. You’ll need to start getting ready early, so be prepared!


Expert tip #1: Make sure your wedding time is clearly communicated so guests can book accommodation for the night before the wedding instead of the night of the wedding. This change in time will have an impact on guests coming in from out of town.

Expert tip #2: Consider your entertainment! Guests who would usually have a few drinks in the evening and then spend the night on the dance floor may feel strange doing so at brunch time. If you’re not particularly into dancing, this might be great news for you!

That’s not to say that dancing isn’t encouraged, but you may want to rethink the style of music and just how much time you allocate to dancing. How about beautiful acoustic music instead? It’ll feel more relaxed and in line with the brunch wedding theme!


Brunch Wedding Ideas

Garden Party

Invite your guests into a relaxed outdoor seating area in a garden party setting! Include couches and other cute, comfy seating. You could keep the atmosphere relaxed with a casual brunch dress code.

Paisley & Jade


Wedding Favours

To thank your guests for celebrating with you, how about giving them each a brunch themed wedding favour?

Here are a few ideas:

Coffee beans

Tea bags

Vintage mugs

Jars of homemade jam

Bridal Musings


Coffee Van

With guests arriving early, the best way to welcome them is with a hot cup of coffee!

Fabulous coffee vans in Ireland:

T2 Coffee Van

Bean and Gone

Collins Coffee Camp

Collins Coffee Camp


Breakfast Appetisers

As guests arrive at the reception, treat them to brunch themed appetisers.

Here are a few ideas:

Mini waffles

Fresh fruit


Cinnamon rolls




Tea Bar

Not everybody is interested in coffee, so how about a tea bar, with all your favourite flavoured teas?

Stetton Wilson


Brunchy Cake

It’s a wedding, so after all, cake is always welcome. Keep in mind that with the earlier start, you might want to arrange a smaller cake.

Use the brunch wedding theme to include fruit or to go all out with a crepe cake!

Something Turquoise


Fruity Decor

Extend the brunch theme into your decor with fruity centrepieces!

Julia Winkler


Mimosa Bar

Who doesn’t love a mimosa! Set up your own mimosa bar with Prosecco, fruit juices and fresh fruit.



Fresh Juice & Smoothie Bar

Since it’s morning, why not serve your favourite fruit juices and smoothies!

Tom Kat Studio


Food Stations

After the tasty appetisers, it’s time for the main meal. And since it’s brunch, why not opt for food stations and bars, where guests can choose what they’d like to eat?

Here are some ideas:

Omelette bar

French toast bar

Crepe station

Berry tarts

Don’t forget to have one non-brunchy option for guests who aren’t into eggs or syrup. You could serve steak or burger sliders!

Alixann Loosle Photography


A Bubble Send-Off

Let guests know ahead of time what time you plan to finish (you could display this information on a chalkboard scheduled). And then give them a cute, personalised bottle of bubbles for a bubble send-off. It’s like a sparkler send-off, but during the day!

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