Clever Ways To Stick To Your Wedding Budget


Over here at weddingsonline HQ, we’re big fans of creating an amazing wedding budget. In fact, we spoke about it in our latest podcast episode (you can listen here). However, it’s one thing to create a wedding budget and a totally different thing to actually stick to it. So, if you’ve already got your figures on a spreadsheet, here are some clever ways to stick to your wedding budget…

Featured image credit: Matt Browne



Wiggle room

Keep space in your budget for unexpected costs, so you aren’t taken by surprise. There are lots of things you might not have considered (wedding attire alterations, what you’ll do if it rains, etc) and hidden costs (check your contracts and ask questions if you’re unsure). You also shouldn’t be surprised if something completely unexpected pops up that you need to pay for suddenly!

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Avoid inspiration overload

Steer clear of sites that will tempt you to buy things you haven’t budgeted for. Pinterest is brilliant for the early stages of planning, when you want to work out your wedding style and create a mood board. But if you’re on a budget, you want to avoid the added inspiration that will make you think you need to buy more things for the wedding.

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Track your budget on-the-go

Find a system that will help you track your budget on-the-go. Good news, we’ve created a brilliant wedding budget tracker you can use. Take a look at it here!


Start with estimated costs and update often

Use estimated costs in your budget, and as you receive quotes, update your spreadsheet to include actual costs (this is crucial!).


Itemise everything

For example, don’t just list ‘wedding stationery’. Include save the dates, invitations, mass booklets, place cards, postage etc.


Ask for receipts

With so much going on, you’ll lose track of what you’ve actually spent. Get your receipts!