Weddings and Pinterest – How To Avoid Inspiration Overload

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As much as I love Pinterest, I have to admit that being able to hold all my wedding ideas in the palm of my hand (literally) has its ups and downs. I call this ‘inspiration overload’. Having limitless options can leave even the most decisive couples feeling a little flustered. It’s impossible to commit to an elegant hotel wedding when one minute you’re tempted by a chic beach ceremony and the next, you’ve spotted gorgeous Gatsby-inspired wedding decor.

So, let’s pause on all the mindless Pinterest scrolling and start doing something a little more productive! Purposeful pinning is real and it’s possible to use Pinterest to find, store and recreate incredible ideas! Just follow these steps…


Step 1: Go wild

When you’re in the early stages of wedding planning, it’s ok to go a little crazy with Pinterest. Have fun! What you really want to do is open your mind to all the possibilities of what type of wedding you could have. Explore all your options and don’t feel any pressure to decide what you want to do or even what you like. Look at everything and by the time you’ve chosen a theme and style, you’ll know it’s the right one for you.


Step 2: Pick your style

Having a wedding style sounds trickier and more complicated than it really is. You’ll find that after scouring through Pinterest, a few colours and themes really stood out to you. Discuss those with your Other Half and once you’ve agreed on a theme or style, stick to it.

Go through your Pinterest boards and delete anything that doesn’t fit. Yes I said it: DELETE. You really want to curate a collection of images that’s focused and in line with your wedding day vision.

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Step 3: Organise your boards

Having one wedding planning board only is one way to get confused and lose track of what you actually want. I recommend creating a board for each subject and then title the boards properly. Here are some ideas:

  • Wedding Dress Inspiration
  • Bridesmaids Dresses
  • Desserts and Sweets
  • Bouquets and Flowers
  • Decor and Centrepieces

Stick to your themes and you’ll find yourself feeling a lot more organised and on top of things!


Step 4: It’s all in the captions

Use your captions to keep track of information you’ll want to know for the future. You could write captions like “Bathroom basket ideas” or “For my must-have photo list”. This will remind you later of the purpose of the pin.

Don’t forget that some pins are just there because they’re pretty and they’re keeping your style and theme front of mind. That’s ok too!


Step 5: Manage your expectations

Ok couples, you want to be realistic about what’s achievable. Those stunning peonies you’ve pinned? They won’t be in season on your Big Day. The gorgeous wedding dress at the top of your list? It’s way out of your budget. Try to keep your budget in mind and adapt your pins to fit.

While we’re at it: Don’t get sucked into the hype of Pinterest DIY projects. If you don’t have the time, the means or the creativity to pull it off… don’t.