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Creative Date Night Ideas For All Budgets

If you’ve been together for a number of years, you might find that you’re running out of creative date night ideas. Well, we hear you and we’ve made a list of some fun options to suit all budgets. Your best date nights don’t have to consist of spending lots of money on fancy food (unless that’s what you love!). Our list includes lots of free, affordable and at-home date ideas.

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Visit a second-hand bookshop

If you’re anything like me, you could spend hours looking at old books! Pop into a second-hand bookshop with your Other Half and pick out a book for each other to read. It’s a fun way to learn more about what types of books they like to read.


Go on a picnic

A picnic is a fabulous date night activity! Choose all your favourite snack foods and wines, pack up a picnic basket and lay out a blanket. Spend the afternoon or evening relaxing together.


Make your favourite restaurant meal

There’s nothing quite as fun and romantic as cooking together. Pick your favourite restaurant meal and recreate it together!


Go on a hike

Explore new scenic routes together and go for a lovely hike. If you’re not the hiking type, you could turn this one into a walk instead.


Play a game together

Perfect for a cosy winter night in! Whip out your Scrabble board, Yahtzee or Monopoly and spend the evening playing games together. Even better if you turn it into a games night tournament.


Take an online quiz

There are tons of themed quizzes you could do together online! Pick a theme you know you’ll love and compete to see who can get the most questions right.


Get ice cream

With summer in the air, wandering around town with a tasty ice cream is a fun date night idea we just love!


Make a blanket fort

Gather all your blankets and pillows and start creating your very own blanket fort. Even better if you can sneak some snacks in and enjoy them together.


Play tourists

Most of us are guilty of not being familiar with the best sights in our own towns. Hop on a bus and enjoy being tourists in your own town.


Watch a comedy show

If you love to laugh, then keep an eye out for a comedy show at your local comedy club! And if you’re quarantining, hop on Netflix and watch a show together.


Grocery story pick and mix

This is a fun way to buy your snacks and drinks for the night. Close your eyes, point at the snacks and move your hand around until your partner says stop. Whatever you’re pointing at is what you’re buying!


Create a spa

Whip out your massage oils, light some candles and create a romantic spa night!


Write love letters

This is a lovely activity for a cosy night in. Spend some time putting pen to paper and writing one another a love letter.


Hide and seek

Looking for a little bit of fun and adventure? Pop into your nearest superstore and play a cheeky game of hide and seek.


Create a treasure hunt

Write up clues that lead to different items hidden in parts of the house. You’ll both have loads of fun hunting around the house together.


Movie night

This is a classic date night idea and it works every time! Book tickets for the cinema or search for something you can watch together on Netflix.


Fruit picking

Find a local farm that offers fruit and vegetable picking. Fill your baskets with your favourite fresh fruits and then go home and eat them!


Learn a dance

YouTube is full of fun dance tutorial videos! Pick one and learn a dance together for your fun date night.

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