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Five Ways To Thank Your Wedding Suppliers

how to thank your wedding suppliers

Believe it or not, a gift or tip on the wedding day isn’t the best way to thank your wedding suppliers! Want to find out even better ways to show your appreciation? Read on… 

1. Leave them a review – We know our recommended suppliers love your reviews, bookmark this link for when the time comes for you! 

2. Drop them a quick email of thanks – All wedding suppliers whether they provided your flowers, food or entertainment, spend so much time and give their all to every wedding. It’s polite to drop them even the briefest of emails or a message to say thank you and let them know you were delighted with their service and products. 

3. Share your wedding day (and their work!) with the world on social media – A huge percentage of suppliers work will come from recommendations and good reviews from previous couples so let the world know who helped you and how amazing they were! 

4. Send them official photos from the day – Suppliers such as your cake maker and bridal boutique won’t necessarily see you on your wedding day so it’s a lovely idea to send them some photos from your photographer. Let them know who took the photos and give them permission to share on their website and social channels etc. 

5. Always credit them – It’s so easy to forget but can make such a difference to those suppliers and is good social media manners, a simple tag will let them know you care and will let the world know just who created that magic! 

(Featured image: A Room In Bloom) 


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