Five Wedding Colour Palettes That Are Perfect For Spring

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spring wedding

Before you choose your wedding colour palette for your spring wedding, check out these five colour schemes for lots of seasonal inspiration! 

Your spring wedding will be beautiful thanks to warmer temperatures, brighter days, fabulous flowers and the joy a new season brings. Spring is know for it’s multitude of pretty colours from pastels to brights, there really is no limit but your imagination. 

Today we’ve got five great colour ideas to make your day as memorable as you are! 

spring wedding

Image via MOD Wedding

Hints of blue, purple & pink

Soft, cool shades can work beautifully on an early spring day. You’ll add depth to the airy, elegant feel. 

spring wedding

Image via Selected Venues

Pops of pink, orange & white 

If you want happy hues, you’ll go far to find better than a combo of pink, orange and white – sheer beauty! 

spring wedding

Image via Anthesis Co

Classic green and white 

You’ll not get a more regal look than elegant green and white, perfect for a March wedding. 

spring wedding

Image via Belle The Magazine

Neutrals & metallics 

Shiny earthy shades work so well teamed with pearly whites, so refreshing. 

spring wedding

Image via The Spruce

Blue and yellow

Lots of brides are scared of adding yellow to their wedding day but we think it’s cheerful and happy for a May wedding day. Add little hints of blue for a classic touch.