Four Chats To Have With Your Parents Before Your Wedding

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We’re sure you know there are a few conversations you should have with your parents, and parent-in-law before you get into the nitty gritty details of wedding planning. We also know, you’re probably not really looking forward to these chats, so today we’re hoping to ease any nerves and point you in the right direction to chilled chats! 

1. Monetary contributions as a percentage

Money and guest lists are a tricky subject and can be the root of disagreements. If both parents are paying for half of the wedding, but your guest list is made up of 20% one family and 80% the other problems can quickly arise. Speak to your parents about contributing to a percentage of your day, or an item such as photographer or flowers to hopefully avoid any confrontation. 

2. General expectations and on-the-day roles 

Lots of parents don’t even meet until their children become engaged, so bringing them together before or as soon as you become engaged is a great idea. This will help you with moving forward and on your wedding planning journey. Each parent will have a clear idea of what they feel is important at the wedding and what is expected of them on the wedding day. 

3. Family traditions 

You want everyone to be happy and feel fulfilled on the wedding day. Ask your immediate family if there are any traditions they would like to be upheld, or personal requests they would like fulfilled. Including a special prayer for a loved one may be your Mother in Laws wish, whilst you mum may want to wear lilac as it’s her favourite and significant colour. The key to long, happy relationships is talking things through and being considerate of others, this also applies on your wedding day – you could say it officially begins on your wedding day. 

4. Logistics 

We understand that most couples will want everything planned out before the wedding day, including speech orders and where your Great-Grandmother is sitting! This is why clear channels of communication before and on the run up to the day is essential. You will hopefully be wrapped up in love and enjoying every moment of your day and don’t need logistics of any issue weighing on your mind – chat it out well before hand! 

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