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How To Ace Your Wedding Photos With Confidence

wedding photos

When you think of having your photo taken on your wedding day, how does that make you feel? Excited? Nervous? Scared? Let us be the one to tell you, wedding day jitters over photographs is totally normal, and a lot of other couples feel exactly the same. Luckily we have just the tips and advice so you’ll not only ace it, but enjoy it too! 

Find the right photographer for you 

This is the easiest piece of advice we can offer, but also the most important. The simple fact is when you hire a photographer that you feel comfortable with, who you vibe with and who happens to create fabulous images, you’ll naturally trust them and relax on the day. 

Get your hair and makeup on point

You feel amazing and look beautiful, that will naturally reflect in your wedding photos. Hiring a fabulous hair and makeup duo is money well spent for that wedding day buzz.

Share your secrets with your photographers 

If there is something you are particularly self-conscious about tell your photographer. Once you’ve let them know, leave them to it and enjoy your day – we’d bet you’ll forget all about it. 

Have an enjoyable engagement shoot 

Most photographers offer engagement shoots in their package for exactly this reason, to help you feel at ease in front of their camera. During the session you will understand your photographers shooting style and they will get extra insight in to what you love. Your wedding day photos will only thank you! 

Forget the camera and relax 

Easier said that done, yes, but take a look around, take a deep breath in and out and let your shoulders relax. When you feel relaxed and enjoying yourself, you will naturally look more confident. 

Have fun

Your one job on your wedding day, as well as getting married, is to have fun and enjoy your day. Everyone around you is working hard to make it perfect and all you simply have to do is smile and not miss a second – when you feel that it will radiate and your photos will look incredible. 

If you remember to smile, laugh and enjoy your wedding day, your photographer will have an easy job and your confidence and happiness will shine from your photos. 

(Featured image: Ken Byrne Photography)

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