How To End Your Wedding Toast

Planning & Advice

Public speaking is not for everybody. In fact, you may have done your best to avoid standing up in front of a crowd for years only to be asked to deliver a wedding toast. What now?

As with all wedding speeches and toasts, you’ve got to have a strong start (more tips on this here), and something funny or sentimental in the middle. But how do you end your wedding toast? It’s really important to have both your start and end in mind (if not rehearsed word for word) before you get up and begin speaking.

Knowing how you will start and finish means you can leave space to prepare the middle bit and deliver it in a more relaxed and less rehearsed manner.


Here’s how to end your wedding toast:

What you say at the end will need to provide a clear cut message that you are now finished your toast. Want to end strong and avoid “Um.. OK I guess I’m done”? Well, take a look at these super simple options…


Option 1: A simple “raise your glass”

A good wedding toast usually ends with everybody raising their glass. So here are some things you could say while doing so:

“Let’s toast to the happy couple…”

“So why don’t we raise a glass to [name] and [name] on their Big Day?”

“Join me in raising a glass to the newly married couple!”

And of course, as you say this, raise your glass!


Option 2: Congratulations

Literally, this! Not sure how to end:

“Congratulations to the happy couple!”

“Congratulations [name] and [name]”

“Congrats on swiping right on true love.”


Option 3: A little advice

Raising your glass not your thing? How about ending your toast with a piece of advice. Keep it short and sweet, and if possible, one sentence.

“Say ‘I love you’ to each other every day.”


Option 4: Your wishes for their future

Simply end by wishing them well:

“To love and laughter and happily ever after.”

“May your love continue to grow and flourish.”

“I am inspired by your love and I couldn’t be more happy for you.”


Option 5: Something cheeky

You really need to know your audience before deciding on this, but if the moment is right, ending with something a little cheeky and funny may be your best bet.

“May all your ups and downs come only in the bedroom.”