How To Keep Kids Entertained At A Wedding


If we’re honest, weddings can be a long and boring experience for some kids. It’s also pretty common for couples to um and ah about whether or not they even want to invite kids to the wedding. Well, if you’re having nightmares about little ones screaming, running around and throwing tantrums, you will love today’s post. We’ve listed some fantastic ways to keep kids entertained at a wedding.

It’s totally possible to have a wedding that includes happy child guests! And if the kids are happy, then the parents are happy too.

So if you are looking for ways to keep the kids occupied in a way that allows your wedding to go on without any interruptions, then keep on reading…

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A photo scavenger hunt

Arm the kids with disposable cameras and a list of things to photograph and you’ve given them an activity that’ll last all day!



An activity bag

Fill a bag with colouring books, crayons and other age-appropriate activities for the kids!




Give them each a colourful bottle of bubbles. Even better if you get them to blow bubbles for the camera!

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Card-making station

Have the kids embrace their creative side by making a special card for you and your Other Half!

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Giant outdoor games

Who doesn’t love a fun game of giant Jenga? These games will make the adults jealous too!

Martha Stewart Weddings


Board games

For when the sun goes down! Grab your favourite (kid-appropriate) board games, put them in a basket and have them easily accessible for the kids to play with.



Glow sticks

Want the kids to join in on the dancing? Give them glow sticks!

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The VIP table

Help the kids know that they are totally welcome at your wedding by inviting them to sit at a special kids VIP table.

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Activity book

A kids activity book is a fabulous way to keep them entertained!

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