How We Got Engaged: Romantic Proposal Stories From Irish Couples


If you’re anything like me, you could read romantic proposal stories for days! Well, one question we always ask our Real Wedding couples is how they got engaged. Whether you love proposal stories that are low-key and at home, or a little more planned and over the top, there’s something for everyone.

Enjoy 🙂


Caoimhe & Blake

“On December 23rd Blake passed by a ring in a local jewelers that he knew was perfect. In that moment he decided he would propose the next day. I had always joked that I wanted a secret photographer for the day he decided to propose, with that in mind he organised my sister to be there to capture the moment under the guise that she was there to mind our daughter. I was told we were going to Loughrea for lunch while our daughter was minded. We stood chatting for a few minutes in front of Loughrea lake where we met for the first time, still with no clue what he had planned. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him in the most thoughtful and romantic way. My sister got beautiful pictures of the occasion that I treasure now remembering that amazing day.”

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Jen & Robbie

“We got engaged at beautiful Hook Head lighthouse, out on the rocks. I was completely clueless and thought we were just having a nice stroll after breakfast. I didn’t notice that Robbie had absolutely wolfed his breakfast down and was hoping I’d hurry up so we could get out there and he could pop the question. I was so captivated by the sea that I nearly missed him proposing, but it was a beautiful moment and we’ve a funny memory to go along with it.”

Aidan Beatty Photography


Donna & Joseph

“We always spoke about getting engaged but I think he secretly wanted me be the one to do it. Our engagement was so chilled, I’d got in from work to a candlelit dinner with Joseph and the kids. Of course I said yes!”

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Sharon & Phillip

“Phill proposed to me over Labour day weekend at Niagara. He recreated our first official date which was in Niagara so I had a feeling something was up. It was a perfect date and proposal.”



Lauren & Jason

“Jason proposed in lockdown, on our 12th Anniversary. Our first date was the cinema – to see Confessions of a Shopaholic, so Jason decorated the living room like a cinema with rose petals everywhere and that film on the TV.”

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Aaron & Cara

“We walked the pier together hand in hand, the ring sitting quietly in Aaron’s coat pocket, his heart beating quickly with anticipation. We reached the end of the pier. The moment had arrived in the same place we had met and spoke for the first time. Aaron got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I said yes and we were surprised to have an onlooker who cheered enthusiastically before cycling away. A close friend Eleanor had followed quietly to capture the moment. We took a few pictures and grabbed breakfast in Bistro le Monde and excitedly chatted about our futures together. We called our families to share the good news and visited them that evening.”

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Nicola & Philip

Nicola sensed that a proposal was on the way and spent approximately three months carefully selecting outfits and making sure her hair, makeup and nails were done anytime they left the house. But Philip proposed when she least expected it, when Nicola was dripping wet, just out of the shower. He got down on one knee in their kitchen and proposed with a Haribo ring. Needless to say, those engagement photos did not make it to social media.

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Sarah & Tom

“It was just myself, Tom and our daughter on my 27th birthday. Tom handed me a photo album filled with all of our memories over the past 10 years and when I had finished looking through them all, he proposed! Meanwhile all my 3 year old wanted was a ham sandwich.”



John & Geraldine

“We got engaged in the oriental garden at Fota Island Resort. Inter-county travel had just resumed after the second covid lock-down and we booked a pre-Christmas trip to Cork. We went on a walk of the grounds before the sunset and it was a freezing cold, December evening. John got down on one knee in the little hut that’s at the end of the garden. It was a lovely surprise and such a nice time of year leading into the Christmas break.”

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Leyla & Max

“We had a beautiful dinner at a beautiful restaurant overlooking the Harbour and then went for a walk and was looking at all the boats. My husband Max got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was just the 2 of us in that moment and it was perfect. We knew from the moment we got engaged that we wanted to marry in Spain too.”

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