Your Lego Wedding – 20 Fab Ideas

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Why is Lego wedding the perfect idea? It’s super fun. It’s inexpensive. It’s colourful. It’s easy to personalise. And, there’s so much Lego out there (especially on eBay and Etsy and potentially in your attic if you’re nostalgic or a hoarder), you definitely won’t have to spend months searching for the right thing. Ready? Let’s go!

To announce your Lego wedding, start with save-the-dates and invites! Below are just three fantastic examples of what they could look like. And, this is a perfect option for budget-conscious couples. It’s easy to assemble minifigures to look just like you and your other half, using different hair styles and outfits. You can have a plain background, or something that reflects what you love (like suitcases if you travel a lot). Everyone knows someone who’s a good photographer – just ask them to take the photos for you, and then have them printed for a fraction of the cost.


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If you’re submitting a list of photos you want taken to your photographer, you may like to include a little fun Lego touch with the rings, like below.


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Lego wedding cake? Don’t mind if we do! In fact, they’ve long been the staple of kiddie birthday parties, so when you’re searching for inspiration, don’t just look for Lego wedding cake… try simply Lego cake! Alternatively, consider putting two lego minifigs on top of some cupcakes for an interesting topper. Of course, nothing could be easier than finding two guy or two girl minifigs too!


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Now, we’ve already seen plenty of options for groomsmen’s and pageboys’ boutonnieres, but who says the bridesmaids can’t have their Lego fun too?


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Your decor options are out of this world. Lego is perfect for this, as it’s inexpensive and adds a brilliant flash of colour.


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Of course, let’s not forget how versatile Lego is as favours that do double duty as place cards!


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Finally, something for the kids? All you need is a bowl of loose bricks. Alternatively, there are thousands of printable Lego colouring pages online – just add crayons and you’re good to go! There are colouring pages of all levels of complexity, and ones for girls and boys too. You could even have a colouring contest to keep them occupied.


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And, after it’s all done, you can send your guests another unique card, this time to say thank-you. Something like this perhaps?


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